TANK007 E06 SSC-W42180U HA-III 170-Lumen ......


i got one of these a while back and it is one of the few lights i have bough that i still think WOW what a great little light for the price

not much bigger than the pen lights i have but way way brighter the center tube can be removed to run on 1 AAA or 10440 i usualy run it on 2 AAA rechargeable

where it gives well over a hour of continuas light before starting to dim

light output on 2 x AA is on par with my fenix LD10 the LD10 has more throw the E06 more flood

all in all i like it and it is one i think i will be keeping

DX seem to be redoing their website, I noticed it had changed this morning. Sounds like an interesting light, I'll take a look when the website is playing nice again.

It's back now.

The light looks a lot like the TK-703 with a tube for an extra AAA. The TK-703 is a nice little light, it is certainly one of the nicer AAA lights I have.

I seem to have accumulated quite a few of them lately, maybe time for a group test.