Tank007 E09 Very Loose Head/Bezel!!??

Purchased a Tank007 E09 light about a year ago.

Found that the head/bezel seems to be very loose fitting. The head can literally flop around somewhat until the head is fully screwed down (without a battery installed) to the light body!!?? I don't think this should happen(?) This is by far the most loose light head I've ever come across!!

I didn't bother trying to return this light, which was purchased from overseas, as it was not really worth it (cheap(ish) light).

Trying to on-sell this light locally with the "loose head" condition bought to the attention of potential buyers.

Anyone else notice a very loose head on their Tank007 E09 lights??

How are the threads lubed. With thin oil? In that case I would suggest sticky silicone grease (Nitecore SG7)

And as a last resort (with a bleeding heart because I am a mechanical engineer): squeeze the head a tiny bit.

why squeeze?
I’d rather wipe a very thin layer of superglue on the threads then before it cures completely wipe it off

It’ll make a strong thin film of glue thread that makes it slightly grippier. Did that with my Astrolux A01 because I have no replacement o rings anymore

You’re right. It is quicker to give the threads a superglue treatment. But the threads may get gritty (rough).
Not always a nice feeling if you have to change modes with a twisty switch.

I have the AA Tank 007 E19, and this is the only “twisty” flashlight I’ve ever owned that manages to unscrew itself no matter what. I tried putting it on my key ring, and it would unscrew within a day while in my pocket. Put it in a pocket of my backpack and every time I checked the head was unscrewed and the battery would be loose in the pack. The problem is that the O ring sits very close to the bottom of the threads, so it’s engaged when the light is twisted on but is not engaged when the light is twisted off and the threads are very loose. It was under $10 so I didn’t return it - I leave it in a baggie in my car along with 4 AA batteries in case of emergency. I might try the super glue trick next time I check the batteries.

Thanks for the tips on making the E09 head more of a tighter fit.

But have any other E09 owners noticed a very loose fitting head?? Or is it just my particular light that has this issue?