Tank007 rep

What is going on with the tank007 rep??

They have spammed every thread I have read in the last 30 mins...

and is still going!

If this doesn't stop, I will be thinking about more drastic measures for http://www.tank007store.com/ ....

speaking of the store..have you seen the prices??? ridiculous!

This has to be the single most effective way of turning customers off your product.

I wouldn’t call him the “Tank007 rep”, please. That implies that he is working for Tank007 in an official form and I highly doubt that. I think he just hosts an unofficial Tank007 website and aspires to get rich quick by charging double MSRP or more. I would blacklist him if I was admin.

Tank007 is a good company that is working with us and doesn't deserve to be associated with this clown.

Nicely put, JohnnyMac. I couldn't have said it any better.

Very good point. Bad choice of words on my part.

im completely baffled here. is there really anyone who would pay 35usd for a 566??

(i mean its a great light but wtf?)

talk about barking up the wrong tree.

im not sure i have ever seen such an obvious and poorly targetted retail poster.please go away now.