Tap for mini mag

Looking for a tap for a mini mag will trade or buy shoot me a offer or trade sinkpads ?

I have several 25/32 drill bits NOS and pristine. They were fairly expensive, what do you think?

Ill send ya a pm


Last bump for this one :frowning:

For what it’s worth, my 3/4 worked just fine . . may have been for masonry since it had little wings that made it a bit larger than .75in.

If I were paying tall bucks to buy something good, I’d look into one of those bits where the deep end is flat.

What is the size your looking for.

5/8”–28TPI NEF

We need another group buy lol

As a machinist I’ve never herd of a 58-28, but after a quick search they are not all that uncommon. I would have figured mag to have used some sort of propitiatory hunk of crap thread.