Teaching with few words

I was babysitting this morning, a role that I take more seriously than some seem to. I had a non-verbal teaching triumph. His sister says he is not two yet, and that is not far off. He speaks very few words of Korean and fewer yet of English. We were building Lego. I had been showing him how one can build bigger things by overlapping the blocks instead of just stacking them in columns. He showed me a piece that represented blue emergency lights and said “fire truck”. I said “or police car?” He said FIRE TRUCK (There is one we pass on the way to the park). So I attempted a Lego fire truck. It was all red but it fell apart often, because there were not enough red blocks to add more strength to it. He took a thin green block and put it where it added the missing strength.

Aww, that’s adorable. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!

That’s a clever one, well done both of you.