Teaser - first Mag build XM-L U2 on custom heatsink

This is my first proper flashlight mod/build.

Mad 2D with XM-L U2 and a 3 mode driver hopefully pushing out 2.8A on high.

Here’s the parts so far, I’ll update as proceed and post beamshots at the end (assuming it works… :wink: )

Nice host for a starting point, and a massive heatsink, but where will you put the batteries? ;-)

Good luck .

That is one badass heatsink! :beer:

I would go for a de domed SST-90 led properly driven with that piece of metal behind it!

My guess is the barstock is mearly the starting point of a good heatsink and he's planning on cutting it down some.

Good luck with the mod, Chicken Drumstick! Looking foward to the results.

Get 'er done !

Good to see you choosing the best light in the world, as the first real build.

Good luck with it!

Nice to see another UK modder messing with mags.

What reflector is that?

Standard MagCharger, it’s aluminium in a plastic housing. Doesn’t quite fit a stock Mag non-MagCharger head though. Reckon it should be easy to make it fit however.