TENERGY 18650s 4@$14.99 delivered

This Ebay seller has a good feed back rating. See links for details.

I am not getting a kickback or related to the seller. YMMV

Willie, thanks for the testing.

My four batteries are working fine.

Buyers should remember that although the batteries are protected, they are flat tops with no button for contact between cells and will not work as is in lights without a spring or button on the LED end.

From the research I've done it seems these 2600mah cells are actually closer to 2000mah, maybe even under.

What are the differences between flat top and tabbed cells? Advantages and disadvantages?

In the last part of this thread:


Willie charged and then discharged 4 Tenergy cells
@ 2.0A and got results in the 2700-2800 range.

The advantage of flat top cells is that they are shorter and that may help in some apps where long cells like the Xtars are too long.

HKJ also tested the Tenergy 2600 cells and got good results:


Weird. I wonder if there are different batches mixed together. Almost all of the results posted at CPF (i know i know) come in around 2000mah. I actually just got done reading that thread ;)

…and naturally shipping only to usa

And the disadvantage is that without some type of modification, they will not work in multi-cell lights or lights that don't have a spring or button on the + end.

I have a 4-pack of these and they work great in my single cell UF-2100 but am having problems with my multi-cell light.

Most do not recommed magnets but KD 3mmX1mm (10@.99)are very small and are not likey to cause a "SHORT" if dislodged by dropping a normal negative ground flashlight.

At the HKJ site, scroll down and look at the graphs for AW 2600 and then Tenergy 2600. They look very similar and both fall off to near 2000 when the amp draw is 5.0A


Cool. Do you know where I can get those?

FYI KD=Kaidomain DX=Dealextreme MF=Manafont
Be gentle with neo magnets cuz they break very easily.
BTW… I sent you a private message.

Awesome. Thanks! Just placed the order.

Got your PM. Thanks for that info. I'll give it a try tomorrow!

Good magnets extremely small so they shouldn't cause a short. I use these and they are E1320 approved.

What about adding our own tab? I've seen it discussed before but there didn't seem to be a best solution. Is a blob of solder a good and safe option?

I have tried, but I couldn't get the solder to stick at a temperature I was comfortable bringing the battery up to. You can try it is a great idea but be very careful you definitely don't want to be anywhere near an 18650 when it vents, trust me on that.

That's what I was thinking. A poster on CPF described how he used flux then added a blob of solder, rather than using solder with flux in it. I'm not sure if that's what makes the difference but it seems to be a successful method for him.

I might go ahead with one order of 4 and use them for single cell lights only (I actually only use single 18650 right now just for the safety aspect). I can always keep them in storage for emergency use or as reserves. I'll probably stick to the XTAR's for regular use.

I've been meaning to ask this forever

why not just glue the magnet to the battery . like just a drop on the side just to keep it from getting knocked off accidentally

at a dime a peice why not ?

Epoxy or silicone after the magnet is in place might work fine. Use only small magnets.

Xtars showed today. Got them on the charger.

I ordered 4 of these, they are in my mailbox today. I am not going to be home till Thursday. If these are even half way decent@$14.99 for 4 with a PCB it's a good deal.

Can't really compare these to the Rev Jims deal as you get a known quality cell @ a great price. The only thing is that some people seek only protected cells. I my self have no hang ups about non protected as I know in whatever application I know when the performance of the device is falling off and will go ahead and swap in a new cell.

Like said, if these even reach TF flames performance levels its a good deal although it seems the TF flames lately are not like the first introduced ones.

Good to hear the seller delt with miamilight in the right way, makes me feel a bit better that if these are decent to order more.