Tenergy "D" cells 10,000ma NiMH 8 @ $24.99

Tenergy "D" cells 10,000ma NiMH 8 @ $24.99 shipping included USA only. Think the seller also has them 4 @$14.99.


wow, I thought these went for about $8 each

I just jumped right on it. I don't see how I couldn't at that price.

EXACTLY! Bought eight D from this seller about 2 months ago and they rock.

They are $30 for four on the Tenergy website. At the price this seller ebay is letting them go for, it would be a good buy. Hopefully they aren't old stock, but just a buyout of some store around them.

I did use tenergy for a long time, till I found out how inconsistent cell to cell they were. I ended up giving them all away.

Hope all yours come in good, Good Luck and good find!

Oh, and look at the other Tenergy stuff they have. I just took the universal charger at $15 free shipping. Cheapest I've seen for that particular charger.

US only. :/ Oh well saves me the touble gettign a suitable charger...

I would love a 3D mag of some soft XM-L-ized this way. Runtime should be excellent, also elderly proof.

I am not connected or getting any kickbacks from this seller and "shoot straight" on my experiences. An earlier thread, mr BOAZ said this seller acquired these items from a Battery Junction warehouse fire insurance claim. At present am waiting on 30 "Tabbed Sub Cs" for rebuilding two Ryobi tool power packs.

Cut and paste below by me from another earlier post.

I have bought a bunch from them. They did offered a package deal on a 4 bay (AAA,AA,C&D) nicad/nimh smart charger with 12aa&12aaa for $29.95. Also bought some Ds,Cs,9v, 4/3AF (18650 sized 1.2v nimh) and 48 AAs (tabbed 2300ma). All batteries tested close to ratinging except the blue AA 2600ma, been getting about 1650ma average. The tabbed silver cell AA(48@$19.95) 2300ma tested average1950ma, AAA blue 1000ma tested 850ma, D blue 10000ma tested 9500ma, 4/3AF 4200ma tested 3850ma, all pretty close to mfg claimed capacity. All LI 18650 2600ma tested 2700-2850ma. Have not tested the Cs or 9v. The wife has stole all four Cs for her Roomba blocking gizmos.

Willie DISCLAIMER... YMMV some have reported dead 18650 batteries (seller has replaced at no charge and has a 99.7% feedback rating), others dislike the wrap, read and do your own research on any item and be an informed consumer. This seller has some great deals and some items have sold out within an hour of being listed.

Too bad they aren't LSD. I have the MaHa (10Ah) non-LSD batteries and they have to be topped off once every two weeks. The next time I invest in D rechargeable, they are going to be LSD for sure...

I think it was someone on this site that I read that the Tenergy's to buy are the non-LSD's as they tested better than the LSD's.

I got these today. I've gotten so used to shipping from China that these really seemed fast. :)

All the cells were 0.8v to 1.0v out of the box. I realize these aren't LSD, but is that typical for these cells?

I'm charging them (4 at a time) now with my hobby charger so we'll see how they do.

My Centura LSD D-sized are ok though, 8900mAh @ 1A (unfortunately i cannot test above that) and they are able to sustain the over 8 amps drain in the TK70. Did not test the LSD capability but so far they are working well, can sustain nearly 2 months coz i use Li-ion 32600 in the light and once they went flat and i changed to the Tenergy Centura LSDs and they still provide enough juice to gun in Turbo (over 8 amps). Talk has it that the normal ones are also near LSD performance and don't self-discharge much, so i do not know.....

My Sony AAs are bad, over a month and they are like half-dead.

Umm...that's a bit low. 0.9V unloaded is actually FLAT and cannot even turn on 900 lumens High in the TK70 (let alone Turbo). 0.8V i think it's like dead, need to refresh it on your hobby charger. Open circuit should be preferably 1.3V after rest from the charger. Topped off they should be able to hold 1.4V preferably after resting for a good few hrs.

Ni-Mh is a fairly resilient chemistry. I would wager that barring being in that state for over 2 years, they will still wake up nicely.

They're taking a charge. On the first attempt it shut off after a couple hundred mAh. The charger thought it had 3 cells. After a restart it taken 7Ah so far and still going. I just thought they would ship with a bit higher voltage. For $3 a pop I'm not going to be overly critical.

I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...I'm not buying a TK70...

You sure can revive it, but not sure if it can supply the juice. Mitro needs to do a test at 10A to check the health after like 3 cycles of refresh. 10A seems like a lot, but it's not.

My experience with NiMH AA is that the capacity drops a bit, but the ability to supply high current drops much more, but that is with well-used cells and not cells stored for very long.

The Tenergy C cells (5AH) can be discharged at nearly 15 amps safely, no issue. Use? The VPT.

So Mitro can skip the Fenix TK70. The VPT or XM-L VPT (latter not launched yet) can make use of that nicely with custom 3D or 4D overdrive Mag tube. Smile When gunning at 14 amps, it does over 160k cd.

Got my 8 yesterday but haven’t checked them. Got 9400ma+ from the 8 I ordered a couple months back.

I have been using Tenergy AA and D cells for a while now and haven't had any problems. I've read in a few threads about inconsistencies with them but I have some 40 all together and haven't had one bad one yet.

I typically charge every three months, every other charge I let my charger discharge first. No matter when I grab a light it comes on strong so that got me thinking... It's been 7 weeks since the last charge (simple top off). What kind of life is left in my D cells.

I grabbed my 5D fitted with a Terralux 300M-EX-S, measured 3.3A at the tailcap (after 1 minute on) with two Flukes and let it go. At 3:30 there was no noticable loss of light and the head/body were very warm, at 3:45 the light had started to dim (still very usable) and though still warm had cooled a bit. I took the batteries out and gave them 15 minutes to recover, four of them in the 1.15V range with one (nearest the tailcap) at around 1.08V and still recovering.

All in all I think I'm pretty happy, non-LSD NiMH D cells, 7 weeks after charge driving a very bright light continuously for over 3 hours. With all the lights in this house it is unlikely that I would ever need this one for that long. Most of these cells are used in lower output lights like camping lanterns, I think even at the dark end of the charge cycle they would easily power the lights for a long time.

Yeah Itinfini, the D sized cells are less likely to loose a large % of their capacity as compared to the AA, from what i read.

I did a 10A discharge on my 8 cells and got between 6.5 and 8.5Ah. I don't trust my results at all, but the cells seem to be good. Measuring that low of a voltage at that high of a current makes the connections (resistance) critical. It was hard to get a solid grip on these cells with my clamp.

I'll do a lower current test on a couple of cells to be sure, but from what I've seen they are worth their price.

I knew these wouldn't last ..i considered buying a bunch .But they are heavy and a pain to ship .

I was mad at missing these back when they were sold as 4 packs ,a couple months ago ..glad i snagged the 8 pack it's cheaper and probably all I'll ever need .

Has anyone tried charging these with the el cheap lithium ion / aa,9volt and c/and D charger from manafont 5$ single cell charger ?