Tenergy LSD AA or Enelong

So I just realized Tenergy are not that expensive, and I need about 12 cells for a D cell mag.

Tenergy is cheaper at Amazon than the Enelongs at FT.


Tenergy right? unless I am missing something……

I just got 24 Tenergy Centura LSD AA for $40 from ebay. Never used the AA before, but the D’s have never let me down

> Tenergy

watch out for the old ones — they’re light-blue with lower case “e”
discontinued on the Tenergy website

There have been a lot of batches of those in various sizes from AAA to D for sale very cheap
I bought three batches from different sellers — all had some almost dead cells and no real good quality cells.
The best of them would charge but not hold charge more than 24-48 hours.
One of the sellers refunded me on them.

My guess is Tenergy had a warehouse baking in the sun somewhere with old stock that got forgotten, then remaindered.

I’d try the Centura (white cover) type if I buy NiMH again from Tenergy.

Brands I know of:


These all do D cells.

I am actually looking at the AA’s using a 3 cell adapter from KD

Is the adaptor series or parallel?

Adapters I have are series. Either going to try running a 18v driver in series, and a 105c in parallel.