terawatt floodlight


Was this one of you?

It totally was, wasn’t it?


Personally, I’m just disappointed that the guy didn’t mention what model the light was. :smiley:

Kinda gives me the urge to get a modded BTU Super Shocker.

Thanks for sharing :-)

busted, I gave the guy the 500 XM-L lightbar and sat back and watched the fireworks :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:
I even added a few MT-G2 flooders in the center for the few extra precious lumens

The replacement has 250 XP-G chips but i am still working on the TIR optics

i also dislike spiders

Justin is a dumbass…

"...retaliatory garden lighting..." lol

It's all fun and games till someones house spontaneously combusts :D

Arguments like those 'Justin' is making really should be grounds for a good beating. 'If it's too bright maybe you should buy some curtains', or 'if my music is too loud maybe you should buy some earplugs', or, my personal favorite which I've actually been told in real life, 'if you don't like my dogs coming in your yard maybe you should put up a fence' (there's a leash law here, it's illegal to let dogs out to roam around and bite people). I should spend money on a fence so you don't have to comply with the leash law? Brilliant!

but i used 10 lbs of asbestos and ultrafire batteries as a heatsink

David Thorne is the ultimate troll, his blog is 27bslash6.com

i need to get him working for me, i have a few issues he would be able to ‘solve’

Are they by any chance related to Clowns and Circusses? Bort? :-)

Yeah, ever since I read the thread about the retaliatory garden lighting (last night), I’ve been tempted to buy his book. :slight_smile:

It’s probably a good thing that “Justin” from across the street didn’t have some of the more exotic toys we talk about on BLF… like those outdoor overhead lights designed to illuminate an entire baseball diamond to daylight levels. I recall seeing a thread about where those can be obtained on ebay. But I suspect that a BTU Shocker with an AC adapter and cooling fan would probably serve just as well.

I’m afraid not, but that only means i have to try harder

I came across his blog a few years ago, this entry had me rolling on the floor.

That one was good, but the kids going to watch a Jesus play was better