Terrible Experience with Sofirn

I placed my first order from AliExpress Sofirn official store for 2 LT1 lanterns. It looks like they shipped the product via USPS but never asked for signature required. USPS, maintaining its reputation, lost the package. Although their website says the package was delivered, the box never reached my doorstep.

I tried to speak with Sofirn initially, but the guy barely speaks coherent English and is very hard to reason with. He adamantly refuses to work with me just based on the fact that USPS website says it is delivered. I have also tried to speak to the user “Sofirn” on this forum, but he is not able to help either. I opened a dispute with AliExpress and they want me to prove that I did not get the package. :FACEPALM:

Judging by the quality of Chinglish I got from AliExpress, I am not holding my breath that I would successfully explain that it is “impossible” to prove that “one does not know” something.

Is there anyone that has any pull with Sofirn that will be able to help? I would really not like to dispute the amount with my credit card because it is counter productive for everyone involved, and I would like to keep good terms with Sofirn.

"I would really not like to dispute the amount with my credit card because it is counter productive for everyone involved, and I would like to keep good terms with Sofirn."

They're giving you terrible service, and you think not getting ripped off is bad for everyone involved?

I would try to get your money back through Sofirn, AliExpress, and then your credit card if I were you.

Why let yourself get ripped off?

Also, just explaining to them that it is impossible to prove that you did not get the package should suffice.

There is always a bit of a risk with ordering from China (though I’m finding ordering from the USA less reliable at the moment). Lodge a dispute with AliExpress, and if that doesn’t work claim it back on your credit card. Also contact USPS too.

I would really not like to get ripped off. Filing a dispute with credit card is considered like a parting blow. I would gladly do it if I knew that I will never want/have to deal with Sofirn ever again. Considering they do make good products, I will like to keep a healthy business relationship. Plus, filing a dispute will earn me a strike with AliExpress as well, something I would really like to avoid, since I buy other stuff from AE.

Also, in a recent order from sofirnlight.com, I put in a wrong address. Lan Lee actually pro-actively reached out to check on the order status and offered to reship the item with the correct address once the undelivered package reaches their warehouse. So, it is very hard for me to believe that Sofirn as a company does not care about its customers. It could be very well possible that there is a single bad apple that does not give a flying about customer service. I am just trying to not be a jerk here.


Let yourself get ripped off then.

I understand where you are coming from. I was just hoping there was one more thing I could do before dropping the hammer. I guess there is indeed no other way. I will open up the dispute.

I apologize for being harsh.

I have a caffeine withdrawal headache right now and am not a people person even under the best circumstances.

I hope you can work this out with the parties involved.

Dont worry about it. I would not say you were harsh. I would like to call it as direct. I hope you feel better about your headache.

I took some Tylenol about an hour ago, but it didn't help.

I think all I can do now is go to bed (or take more caffeine), and I don't want to take any more caffeine.

Sofirn is thousands of miles away, and has no idea whether you’re being truthful, or trying to scam them; they can only go by what the postal service shows.

So, you should contact your local USPS office, and speak to the carrier supervisor, if not the local postmaster. They were the last party in the chain of custody. International packages probably have their own claims process, but that is a complaint that should be lodged, and such an affidavit could help.

Signature required was a rare thing for low-value shipments before the pandemic; now, even services like Fedex have suspended the practice to minimize contact. I’ve certainly never seen an AX seller request it.

You are wise to not wield a chargeback as something other than a last resort. They were created to deter intentionally fraudulent merchant behavior, not as a ready-refund mechanism for unsatisfied customers, yet that’s how some use them.

Merchants are not obligated to service every potential customer, and can, and will suspend accounts of customers who they feel are abusing them. And since those policies are up to the merchant, it can result from as few as a single chargeback. AX could choose to suspend your account, and in these days where our digital lives rest in the hands of a few large companies like Google and Apple, a suspension has a lot of potential for headaches.

Also keep in mind that, while chargebacks do not have an effect on credit scores, they do result in a dispute notice being recorded on the affected credit account. If you happen to be in the process of applying for a loan, potential lenders take notice, and may not proceed until the notice is cleared. Lenders don’t like borrowers who are problematic and may refuse to pay. Choose wisely.

[quote=raccoon city]

Is there proof of being ripped off?
Ripped off is taking the money but never ship the goods.
Not wanting to refund isn’t a rip off either. I can imagine way to often people falsely claim they didn’t receive anything.

Why should Sofirn have to pay because USPS lost the package?

USPS has misplaced my packages to the wrong unit multiple times. I do not think Sofirn is trying to rip you off by any means.

We have contacted with the carrier again and they still insist that the goods have been delivery, may you check with DHL again? the package was dispatch by DHL

Because you made a deal with the seller. The seller has the goods, you have the money.
After you send the money (digitally), they must see to it that you get the goods (physically).
So the seller chooses a shipper. If things go wrong, they deal with the shipper.
After they (re?)send you the goods.

How is this Sofirn’s fault?

Can USPS prove they delivered the package? At the moment it’s your word against theirs.

Ditto. USPS is the one to blame.

Sofirn has the contract with USPS though not op.

I have several more Sofirn lights I want to buy but if they don’t help customers how can you order from their site?

Ali express asking a user to prove something unprovable is also ridiculous.