Terrible mod night. Chipped new m1 lens

I had a rough time modding tonight. First I fried a mtn fet driver. Then I tried a butterfly spacer on m1 with xpl 80 cri bulb. I de domed it by accident =/ it’s an orange light now. So I said well that was easy, I had my m2 apart so I tried to pull the dome off the nichia 219C. Well it popped off and ripped the phosphor off too and when I turned it on had a darn UV light. In the middle of all this I tipped m2 over with out stainless bezel ring and I bent it in, now my bezel ring had to be forced on past the bend. And if I hadn’t done enough I took the bezel off m1 to play with focus a bit, and dropped the lens and chipped it!
Does anyone know where I can get new glass for m1?

Man, that sounds like a rough set of happenings right there! I know the feeling too, there’s sometimes you win, sometimes you lose big! Anywho, I know you can get a new lens from Flashlight Lens . I think its the ~31mm size option.

Thank you, it was a downhill spiral for sure. There is different thickness and finishes on that site, and I think that it comes to almost 50% cost of m1 host after shipping. I was hoping it was like a couple dollar fix.
I made some expensive mistakes this time. =|

This lens fit in my Convoy M1: https://www.fasttech.com/products/2220404


That sounds like one of my bad sessions as well. I have also defined a 7A XPL, I like warm tints, but that is orange, like you said, too warm… These things happen, I built a great S2+ this weekend, baked it to a nice bronze color, shoehorned in a 18500 battery with a cut down pill and everything worked when it was together. A couple of hours later, dropped it when opening the gate and ran it over…. It still works, but is now uniquely mine… When the good happens, it is good, when the bad happens, remember the good…

Sorry that you had a sucky modding day. ;/ If the chip is small, and on one side of the window, put that part opposite the O ring (facing inwards) to maintain water resistance.