Test results for D size NiMh Batteries

Due to popular demand, I have added test results for a variety of D size NiMh batteries at: http://www.torchythebatteryboy.com/p/nimh-d-size-batteries.html

Thanks, very informative.

Interesting. Could you alao do at 1A or even 2A-3A-5A ?

Would be nice to see how they hold up

No problem.

Thanks for the info on D-cells, not easy to come by. Checked out the rest of your site. As a diver I appreciated the review of dive torches. Do you take these on test dives? Obviously UW reliability is a critical feature.

I bookmarked your website.

Have you tried any of the LSD NiMH D cells? I have some Powerex Imedion that I use in a 2D MagLite (my Dad’s actually, trying to presever the ol light and protect it from Alkaleaks)

I used to send samples to a guinea pig who tried them out and sent photos of the beam shots under water, but the feedback dried up.

I haven’t tried LSD, but I can add them

Not even in the sixties? :smiley:

It was your battery information that LED me on the search for quality cells and lights and I eventually found this place, thanks, you’ve cost me a packet :wink:

The 60’s and into the 70’s for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Shows :))

I know


Thanks torchy. Its nice to know that some of these can still approach 10k mAh.

Awesome info. I’ve always wondered which ones were legit.


I’m just checking and some of these are supposed to be low self discharge. What I noticed with AA batteries is that some of the supposed low self discharge ones went flat a bit quick. I only noticed because I had some charged up and about a week later went to use them in my mouse and keyboard. I was thinking of doing a table to see how much the voltage drops over a given period, maybe a week or a month.

Just pulled my 4 Imedion D cells from 2 MagLites, haven’t charged them in at least 6 months. They were used a few times here and there and were still holding pretty well. They’ve now been conditioned and recharged…

MAHA Imedion’s are in my opinion one of the higher quality Low Self Discharge cells available, I use a lot of them in AA for my flash units, best ones I could find in the D size but don’t start thinking they’re cheap because they’re not!

Good info for those of us who still like “D” cells :wink: