Test/Review of AWT IMR18500 1200mAh (Yellow)

AWT IMR18500 1200mAh (Yellow)

Official specifications:

  • Rated Capacity: 1400mAh (0.5CA Discharge)
    Rated Voltage: 3.7V
    Internal Resistance: <100mOhm (with PTC)
    Cut-off Discharge Voltage: 2.75V
    Charge Upper Limit Voltage: 4.20±0.05V
    Charging Time(Std): 4.0hours
    Standard Charging Circuit: 0.2C A
    Charging Circuit: 0.5C A
    Standard Discharging Circuit: 0.2C A
    Fast Discharging Current: 0.5C A
    Max Discharging Current: 2C A
    Weight: about 45.5g
    Height: 65mm
    Operational Temperature: charge (0 ~ 45°C), discharge (-20 ~ 60°C)
    Storage Temperature: within 1 month (-20~ 50°C), within 3 months (-20~ 40°C), within 3 months (-20~ 20°C)

A high current 18500 cell and is usual the case with this cell the capacity is considerable less than the 15mm longer 18650.

The two cells handle 15A fairly well, but they has different capacity.


The cells are can deliver a lot of current, but the capacity different prevent usage in series.

Notes and links

The batteries was supplied by AWT for a review.

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