Test/review of Keeppower INR21700 5000mAh NM2150 (Black) 2019

Keeppower INR21700 5000mAh NM2150 (Black) 2019

Official specifications:

  • Capacity min.: 4750mAh

  • Capacity typ.: 4900mAh

  • Nominal voltage: 3.70V

  • Charge voltage: 4.20+/-0.05V

  • Standard discharge cut-off voltage: 2.50V

  • Standard charge current: 2450mA

  • Charge termination current: 100mA

  • Max. continuous discharge current: 10A

  • Max. pulse discharge current: 15A

This is a high capacity cell of the 21700 size from Keeppower.

The two batteries tracks nicely, but the cell is not for high current, it can “only” deliver 10A continuous.


These batteries have high capacity, but this also means lower maximum current.
They are good batteries.

Notes and links

The battery was supplied by Keeppower for review.

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Nice test. very detailed Thank you!

Thanks HKJ!