Test/Review of Olight 16340 RCR123A 650mAH (Cyan)

Olight 16340 RCR123A 650mAH (Cyan)

Official specifications:

  • Type: RCR123A-650mAh

  • Model No: ORB-163P06

  • Chemistry: Li-ion

  • Capacity (mAh): 650mAh

  • Voltage: 3.7V

  • Maximum Charge Current: 650mA

  • Maximum Discharge Current: 2A

  • Charge Current: 300mA recommended

  • Charging Cycle: 500

  • Weight: 17.7g

  • Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 17 × 34 mm

Olight CR123 rechargeable substitute (Read here about rechargeable CR123)

The two cells has different capacity, not really ideal for usage in series. They can easily deliver 1A, but 2A is more doubtful.


The cells has the rated capacity, but they do not match very well. Saying they are for high drain devices are optimistic, they are not high current cells.

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