Test/review of Vapcell INR18350 1100mAh (Purple)

That is easy then, they are yours! Let’s say 3 to go (because 4 doubles the shipping).

I would like to try out these cells too. I have ordered from AliExpress many times, but have yet to try how to order from Alibaba, could you guide me on how to order from them? Is 10pcs the minimum quantity?
(sorry if this is out of topic, send me private message if this is so).

Even if off-topic the Alibaba how-to is of common interest. If djozz is willing, I'd like for such info to be shared.

Cheers :-)

Buying via alibaba is not difficult, it just takes more effort. Alibaba is not a shopping platform but a trading platform, but many companies trade with private persons too, and minimum order is often 1. So instead of straight buying stuff you will have to contact a company and ask for a quote (with shipping costs). You may even negotiate a different price (but I did not do that). In case of Vapcell I asked for a quote for 10 batteries plus shipping (I guess you can buy 1 too, but shipping will kill that deal). Officially you go through the alibaba pay system but with these small orders I tend to get an invoice with a Paypal address outside the pay system.

(a bit off topic)

I got in contact with Jenny of Shenzhen Vapcell (Alibaba) to inquire about the Vapcell INR18350 1100mAh 10A 18350 batteries.
At first, it seems like they can accommodate small quantities of orders.

Then I asked about the estimated shipping costs, there was a long pause….

… and then got a response that I needed to order 20kg worth of batteries (equivalent to 430pcs) before they can ship to my country.
Looks like some volume is indeed needed.

^ ouch!
So for shipping batteries they have easy countries and difficult countries :frowning: .
(I still have 3 batteries that I would like to get rid of, see post #10)


Oh sorry. I was going to say that I’m interested, but then the “5 years later” appeared… Turns out, it wasn’t March 18th, but March 2018…

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Don’t be sorry, it’s all good, welcome on BLF and have a good one !


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