Test/Review of YLE ICR18500 1700mAh (Orange)

YLE ICR18500 1700mAh (Orange)

Official specifications:

  • Typical capacity: 1700mAh
  • Minimum capacity: 1600mAh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7 volt
  • Internal impedance: <80mOhm
  • Energy: 6.29Wh
  • Charging method: Constant current with limited voltage
  • Standard charge: 4.20V, 1190mA, 17mA cut-off, 25°C
  • Charging voltage: Max. 4.25V
  • Standard discharging: 340mA (0.2C), 3.0V cut-off, 25°C
  • Continuous discharging: 1700mA, 45°C or under
  • Max. pulse discharge: <5sec, 4100mA (3C)
  • Discharge cutoff: 3.0V
  • Operating temperature standard charging: within 0 to 60°C, 45 to 85%RH
  • Operating temperature quick charging: within 10 to 45°C, 45 to 85%RH
  • Operating temperature standard discharge: within -20 to 60°C, 45 to 85%RH

A 18500 battery, the 1 mm more thickness compared to a 17500, do increase the capacity significantly.

The curves looks very good, as long as I do not overload the battery.


The battery looks very good when stating inside the rating, but it can deliver considerable more current.
A usual this type of battery gets an acceptable rating.

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You can get twice the capacity with a cell the same diameter and only 15mm longer. :open_mouth:

Yes, 18650 are the premium cells, both larger and smaller cells has less capacity for the volume.