Testing a custom made 16mm Nichia 119 copper core board (non-DTP), edit:sold out

Still have some you’d like to sell?

Yes sure, still have most of them… :slight_smile:

PM’d you.

4 for me, please. PM follows.

I’m in need of a couple. I’ll send a pm

I used these MCPCB’s to test a nichia 229AT today. The results were surprisingly good. It beat out the 219C all the way up to 4.5A when the lack of a thermal pad and DTP caught up with it.

They have the lowest Vf I have seen to date as well!

I take 2 as well to germany

PM me for pricing and paypal

Sent a message also for one board.

Hi djozz, i’ve PM’d you for two boards.

I had my Nichia 365nm LED in the Convoy run to long on the stock MCPCB it has lost brightness on parts of the emitter, 700mA are not good

Too bad I did not had this board from the beginning

Could I get 2 of these shipped to the UK?

About to order my first S2+ UV, and a reflow onto one of these seems advisable!

I’m behind in sending out stuff at the moment, and next week I’m away for work, so it will be next weekend before I will send the next boards.

for the Convoy Nichia LED I would strongly advise to make a resistor parallel to the LED which eats up 200mA
R=U/I=3.8V/0,2A=19 Ohms

mine on this star is dying, lost about half its output
I used that light more than 20 minutes continously some times and its not good at 700mA

If you still have some to sell i will take 3 Boards.

Yes I do, 3 boards is fine, and thanks for the PM. I will reply this weekend because I’m not at home atm.

In general, I have so little boards leftover that at this point I stop the sale. Will update the OP and title.

These would be a nice addition to Clemenece’s new online shop I think.

Clemence has a version in the pipeline if I’m correct that should perform better than this board.

Hate to revive an old thread… but anyone know where i can find a few of these boards for the Nichia 119? I have a couple dozen 119’s that i have a project form, but no boards to put them on.

I think the clemence PCB’s will work with the 119. I would contact him.

Yes, the VirEnce VR16S1 board will fit the 119’s fine, but are a bit overkill at 4 dollar per board.
The boards from the OP were not cheap either and are unfortunately sold out, I had 200 of them made and sold most of them and have only a few leftover for own use. And it seems that you need many. I see no source for 119 boards on the internet atm :frowning: