Testing amps from tailcap?

Sorry folks, Im not the brightest flashlight among here by any means. When testing amps at the tailcap is the light suppose to turn on? I would assume so but cant get mine to light up. I get a reading on my dmm but the light doesnt turn on.


If it has a side switch clicky then that needs to be in the on position.

If electronic switch you’ll need to maintain the connection with the dmm and then switch the light on via the switch.

What flashlight are you testing?

And yes afaik it’s supposed to turn on, I have yet to come across a light that doesn’t when testing tailcap current.

Are you certain your DMM is correctly setup to measure current?

DC Amp and leads in the proper ports?

I am trying to test a Ultrafire c8 and Aleto N8 zoomie. Both have tailcap switches. Thanks for any help with this, its frustrating.

This might help.

What reading are you seeing on the DMM when take the measurement?

4.2+ , Im positive its wrong.

I had already read this. Watched youtube videos, and read other post on this forum. Figured out the problem though since you posted this link, read it again (actually zoomed into his dmm to check probe port descriptions) and I had the probes plugged in to the wrong ports. Thanks for helping a idiot out guys!

That be my guess.
Did you switch the leads and set the dial to read amps. :wink:
Update to above post^ No problem, glad we could help. :slight_smile:

Be absolutely certain you place the leads back into the proper ports before measuring battery charge!!

I overlooked this one time and checked a new battery which then instantly heated up and nearly spot welded a lead to the negative pole. Nearly gave me a heart attack.

glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t know how to use a meter…