Testing for UV-C Light Output

Big Clive shows how to use a banana to test for UV-C.
The Web is full of fake UV-C lights owing to the BUG.
Big Clive to the rescue. A test so simple to do.

All the Best,

Makes sense. My germicidal bulb (~12” fluorescent tube minus the phosphor) browned the enamel paint on the fixture it was in.

Giving bananas a sunburn is a pretty good test. :laughing:

You’re hilarious :smiley: :smiley:

I’ll “soon” get a light with UV-C and UV-A, I’m curious to test it myself and see the differences bewteen them!

And I’ll spare the bananas :stuck_out_tongue:

I use a banana to test my Homedics UVC sanitizer and the banana turned brown.

Interested to see your results! :smiley:

Leave it on a while, and you can make bananas foster.

Probably the only way for a banana to get a sunburn up there in Bonnie Scotland.

Be me
Fear covid19
Bought 60W UVC lamp
Disinfect room for 30min
Forgot to remove plant
Plant yellow next day
Died in a week

I bought a UV `sterilising` light from banggood, runs on 5v or 4x AAA batts, only cost me £7. It`s probably rubish for sterilising but it`s Great for erasing EPROMs! (which is why I bought it because my main eraser blew up).

KA, Hit a banana with it just for fun to see what happens…
All the Best,

Make a stencil with the Holy Shroud of Turin.
To print a face on your banana.

Or just a Bat-signal.