Testing lights tonight! Big storms this evening.

Lots of trees and lines down, no power for over an hour and I suspect we will not have it until morning. Many little towns down in east central IL.

Be safe!

Said like a true flashaholic!

Dude, are you all right?

Oh yeah, we came out fine. Several large trees down on cars and a house or 2, but nobody got hurt. Power came on a little after 1 in the morning. Microbursts, wonderful things.

Glad everyone made it out fine. So did you get some good testing done with the lights? Ya know, ever since I got big into this hobby, the power has gone out approximately zero times… I keep waiting for it to go out because I’ll finally be prepared!

Same here, no power cuts since I became a flashaholics!

Good you’re OK Matt!

Guys it’s so simple…
No matter how good your surge protection is, just say “ah thunderstorm, better safe then sorry” and flip the main switch to cut all power.
We get an SMS from our ISP in case of thunderstorm to disconnect modem (and lol after some shuffling with cables it was no longer protected on the phone line resulting in need of replacement and days of only internet via phones.
My son hated that so he checks all when rumbling starts and when it gets heavy he wants to turn off the power.

I did get some good runtime testing in. My youngest was afraid of the lightning and wanted a night light. She used my 18650 S2+ with a diffuser all night no moonlight. My oldest practiced flute by the light of my UF-2200 and ceiling bounce.

All is good!

Oh,The weather has been too bad recently.

yea we had massive storms in Sydney a few months back i was the only one outside flashing my lights around! hahaha went to the beach massive swells and the light look awesome when it catches in the spray.