TF Flame protection ? whats going on here ?

Hi all , I was out fish’n last night when my kegos ke7 shut down …when I got home I checked the Protected TF Flames to find one had a voltage of 3.5v the other 0 v …
I put the zero voltage battery in charger and powered it up for a few seconds then removed the battery it was now reading 3 volt on my MM …
I then placed it in my SF L2i fitted with a generic T6 and decided to run it down and see wer the protection cutt in an shut it off …well after about 1/2 or so hr I lost paitence and shut the light off measured the voltage @ 2.7 volt …
Now what happened next has me totally stumped , I put the battery back in the L2i it fired up and then would not shut down without unsrewing the tailcap …? wtf the clicky had no effect and was unable to shut light down ……what is goin on here ? the clicky operates fine has no issues and is a edc that has never done this before …the clickie in question is the stock reverse that came with the L2i … got me buggered ??

btw I decided to toss this particular battery

I guess the wrapper is damaged causing sometimes a short (protection kicks in) or making contakt to the tube (clicky does not work).

+1 those wrappers are brittle and will split causing a short. If the light operates without the tail cap on, you have a short. Put a piece of electrical tape over any bare metal showing through the wrapper.

The problem I have had lately and my KE-7 did the same thing is I had some ebay seller rip me off with fake TrustFire flame batteries. Buy your TrustFire flame batteries from Manafont and you shouldn’t have any problems with your light going off.

Yeah it depends wich kind of “flames” you have. There are at least fou kinds, and onsome of them PCB kicks in on little higher currents (and below 3,0A)

I checked the wrapper at the time with magnified glass’s no faults or metal showing , I firgure it was the fault of the L2i grabing the battery while screwing the tailcap down and creating a short …at the time I didnt but I usually loosen the head off a bit wen replacing batterys in the L2i its a tight fit on 18650 ’s …I remeber feeling the batt flick in or grab when screwing on the cap …
I still belive the protection was faulty on this battery …it shut down and registered 0 volts on my MM and needed to be rewoken in the charger …thats enuff for me so I toss’d in the bin

Where did you buy the batteries from?

cant be certain but most likely ebay

Well I bought a bunch of what I now know fake ones off of best2buy724 who I turned in for fraudulently selling fake batteries. On at least one of the packs he sold me on the outer clear plastic that surround the 2 batteries it had a Dino-Direct emblem sticker on it. Just another reason why I hate Dino-Direct. I could care less if they closed their doors for good.

I’ll tell you about the best for sure way to tell if you have fake TrustFire flame batteries is to look at how narrow the shrinkwrap is below the pcb. All the real ones I have bought from Manafont had a fairly wide wrap at the bottom say about 1/8” wide. The fake ones will be real narrow almost like maybe 1/16”. These fake ones will work in some lights and some they won’t. They all so will cause your lights to act up or shut off in no time even after they are supposedly fully charged.

And speaking of eBay 18650 batteries.

The GTL brand is now up to 5300 mah. :wink:

After all 1325 x 4 = 5300. :smiley:

thanks for the heads up ILF , best2buy724 is on my blacklist btw all of my TFF batts have bout 1/8” a room there…… I know there for real they out perform my solarforce batts