Thank you Lumintop for the copper prince ( lots pics)

The other day I was blessed with a gift in my mail box

Of course I had to hurry to open it up! I apologize for quality of pics, I have an iphone 4, the prince was nicely sealed in a vacuum foil pac to preserve the nice shiny copper

They even sent me the special leather holster! this makes the flashlight that much more special. the leather is soft, sued inside, and has a nice elasticity to it, it will form nicely around the copper prince. It also smelled like nice fresh leather

It may be hard to see the logo from my camera, so I have a few shots of it, the copper is polished like a mirror, even the inside is shiny!

here is the led, very smooth reflector
Bunny again =)
30Q fits nicely

couple beam shots, I had to try to get camera to focus, it is a cool color. very bright though

and to wrap it up, I feel this light looks to nice to carry around daily, It will have a special duty to be on my belt when I wear this, which is also to nice for daily wear. I feel they compliment each other <3

I am very happy, and I was blessed to have won this light.

cool post!

:THUMBS-UP: Nice Shot and thanks for the share~