Thanks again to for their third month of advertising on BLF

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say “Thanks” once again to for renewing their third consecutive month of advertising on BLF.

So, as always, the standard disclaimers apply: I don’t get any kickback from DX except for the obvious price of a banner ad. I don’t receive sales commissions, and I don’t participate in affiliate link programs with any seller whatsover. But, banner ads are a simple, honest, and effective way for sellers to reach their customers. So if you were thinking about visiting, please visit them by clicking the banner so they see that it was worth the investment.

Thanks again to DX! And most of all, to the BLF users.

Nicely done, DealExtreme.

I want to thank you for sponsoring BLF.

Thank you DX!!!

(I actually really do like DX a lot btw… 33 orders in the last 4 years now, and my shopping cart is nearly ready again)

Oh, and if you use DX as much as I do, you’d be silly not to buy their upcoming calendar with all the coupon codes. (and some sort of special surprise they claim!)

Thanks dx for the sponsor!
I’d also like to that you for adding “raging fandyfire” to the best lines I’ve ever spoken… It makes me happy lol

Thanks DX for the sponsorship. :slight_smile:

Thank you DX for the sponsorship. :beer:

Thanks to DX and congratulations to BLF (MrAdmin) for what he has achieved!

Thanks DX for the sponsoring!
I really enjoy shopping around at DX H)

Im thinking of giving DX a try maybe this month if I find something worthwhile after the DD fiasco and my new created aversion to them.

Opps. Thanks for bring this up. I just made a couple of DX purchases and didn’t even realize that I could help the forum out this way. If I ever purchase from them again, I’ll be sure to link in from here.

No worries. :slight_smile: Like I said, I don’t use referral links or participate in affiliate programs, so it doesn’t really matter whether you clicked the banner before buying or not. But DX is watching to see how much of their traffic comes from BLF so they can tell if their ad banner is working. I know that many BLF users visit DX frequently anyway, so it would be good for DX to realize exactly how much of their traffic comes from BLF. That’s all.

So, even if we are window shopping, it would be beneficial to use BLF as the gateway?

Yep, that’s the idea.

Thanks, SB. hopefully I’m not the only slow learner that learned something new today.

Excellent DX. Thanks for supporting us here at BLF.

Thanks DX for the sponsoring!

Ditto, thanks for sponsorship!