Thankyou Fella's AGAIN (about shorty stl-v6 )

On my AR-15 rifles first I had C8’s on them then moved to Small Sun ZY-T13’s then to Fandyfire STL-V6’s.

Then I read here on the forum that some STL-V6’s are threaded different then other’s and also some C8’s bodies can de-attach from it’s head and can be made to work together to make the STL-V6 work with a single 18650.

I checked all my STL-v6’s over and all my C8’s and found 2 from both model’s that had thread compatability!

Mounted two of these shorty STL-V6’s to my AR’s and went coyote hunting last night and got a double…got both that came in to the call and because of the decrease in weight it made such a difference plus it will help so much for self defense purposes.

Just wanted to thankyou all again for the valuble information you pass on to the ones like me who don’t know a whole lot….if it wasn’t for this forum I would not have even known what an STL-V6 is or a C8 and it is amazing to make both of those two light’s work together.

To those of you reading this and thinking of trying it just a head’s up not all C8’s bodies separate from the head and on the STL-V6 some of the bodies will separate alone which are the ones that work with the C8……some of the bodies are attached to the threaded ring that mount’s to the head head……if your’s does this it won’t work……with all the C8’s and STL-V6’s I have it almost look’s like there is more of a chance it not working out than working out so good luck!. Thank’s guy’s.

Really great people here they saved me from getting some overpriced torches and I have learned a TON about lights thanks to forum members, BTW tarpon 31 would you mind posting yourA/R with your set up I’d like to see how it came out, thanks.

Sure I’ll snap a photo and try to put it on here. It’s nothing special just a basic Moe setup with just the iron sight’s….have scope’s but I do much better with the plain Iron’s