'That' silly looking light

So I haven’t been paying any attention to the Kudos Refusal thread and have bought myself one of these -

It was delivered to my work as with most stuff I buy. I didn’t have a battery to test it with so I, being a good flashaholic, opened it up. I didn’t even take the tail off I just went straight for the jugular. I opened it as the pic shows below and immediately thought “I know that reflector”. So sure enough I had to compare it to the KD big reflector. The finish is marginally better than the KD reflector but otherwise they are the same. This is the whole reason I made this post, KD reflector in branded thrower :santa:

I measured the lux at 10m and calculated back to get a reading of 150kcd. I thought that was odd since it is advertised as 100kcd. I quickly realized that output drops off very quickly and I can only assume the star is an old mcpcb. So the advertised lux must be after it warms up.

Below is a crappy phone pic of the m25c2 turbo compared to my courui. I took the pic quickly after turning on the m25c2t so it was at highest lux. My courui previously was only 200kcd but I found an earthing problem with it and now get 280kcd :party:

I’d like to mod it with the new buck driver from RMM and run 2x 18650 and, of course, dedome the led. See how it compares to my tk61vnKD :smiley:

what a light :smiley:

I love the light. I bought one myself that needs modding. Every time I see a picture with the pocket clip on, I have to laugh though.

Hmm, here's a good test: you could compare throw for the two reflectors in exactly the same flashlight, gives an idea of the quality of the KD-reflector.

I’m sure you’ll get a lot of throw out of it. Vinh mods them and gets over 500k with xm-l2 u3 dedomed and over 700k with xp-g2 dedomed.

That pocket clip makes my brain go into overload trying to imagine what that whole situation would look like. :bigsmile:

A strap on a backpack is where it gets used most likely. 0:)

Hey, that’s a cool idea. I have some spare reflectors but I already know the finish on them is inferior and have variance within themselves. The best finish reflector went into the tk61. I’m reluctant to separate the reflector and ext ring on the tk61 but I can test the other 2 that are sitting spare.

I’ve noticed almost every Eagletac reflector can be found on KD. They must be ET rejects from QA, or just sub-A-grade from the same manufacturer.

Edit: Not only the reflectors, but the lenses too. A lot of their AR lenses are exact ET replacements.

an illuminating toilet plunger with a pocket clip.whatl they think of next?
looks like a c8 clone with a huge head.
the clip on my noname clone is of marginal value as it is.
why did they bother?

what flashlight is it the link dont seem to work

will it make a hxp 50/70 host?

Well I had time this evening to work on this light after being crazy busy at work for the last couple of weeks. Modded with a DD driver and dedomed led on 20mm sinkpad. I took a comparison shot to show the result but my phone camera had lots of trouble focussing on a wet night. I haven’t checked the kcd and honestly I’m not that interested either. This will go to my hunting mate as a weapon light.

Stock eagletac left / modded courui right

Modded eagletac left / modded courui right

Modded eagletac left / TK61KD right

I would imagine this reflector would make quite a donut hole with an xhp.

I didn’t end up trying this. In fact I forgot all about it, sorry.