The $10 P60 host.

Yeah, i’ve got a heap of opportunities in a drawer here… :stuck_out_tongue:

….or lose the spring and some aluminum…. :}

I was going to edit my reply to add how that irony’s not lost on me, but was too lazy. :smiley:

Gotta say, I love the (UF) DV-S9 and F13. No idea if they UTorched someone else’s lights for those two.

Whoa… 10.99? What coupon? Looked, see the shorty+extension tubes, want some!!

What code? Gimmegimmegimme… :smiley:

Hey, found it, from literally a month ago (04-21), and it’s still good!

Got myself a few… :smiley:

You know where to look...

Okay Matt I got one for ya, no better place to make this post.

Several years ago I picked up an Eveready circa 1937 brass and copper flashlight. I have not yet been able to find the exact model # for the c sized cell version.

I picked it up at a local flee market for oddly enough, 10 bucks. Now you are probably wondering why I am writing this in a P60 thread. Well, in an ahhh-haaa moment I had one evening while looking at the light on my shelf it came to me that I should upgrade the vintage piece. Cutting a long story short, a p60 host fit perfectly after removing the stock reflector and catch piece (both of which unscrew out).

Two small issues plague the upgrade. One I resolved and the second is further complicated by the first resolve. Here is the low down; If you notice in the pictures below i show some rubber washers and the inside of the front of the light. With a small piece of copper and solder I extended the original switch about 1/4 of an inch so that it contacts the reflector to complete the circuit. Unfortunately for the setup to work I had to isolate the drop in with the washers. Not good for thermal management but the XRE emitter didnt seem to mind. I also placed and XHP50 P60 drop-in in it which really made it come to life but will quickly overheat if left on for too long.

The batteries, a single 18650 with rubber grommets or an 18650 + 18350 with grommets worked great to power the light (XRE n XHP50 respectively) with the addition of a tail cap spring borrowed from a mag light.

Also tmart . com sells the Ultrafire C1 host for 9.99. (or used to anyway) Personally i like the C1 alot. There are several variants out there and if you buy one of the 9.99 hosts maybe you will luck out and get the longer front bezel and linear driver capable of powering an XHP50. just swap in two 18350’s and solder in an MCPCB XHP50.

The setup exists. Ive done it and it works well.

SkyRay SR-5 back in the day was a pretty good deal.

I give up. I looked but did not find. Kindly share?

Yep, found it, worked!

Now I’ll be able to use some idle 18350s…

msg 346

Mine would have to be the L2m, but with the head and tailcap on mine it was closer to $30 from solarforce sales.

Got an XML2 and qlite driver… need some upgraded dropins. would love to mod it to fit an 18500 though for longer runtime

Did someone say “add some copper to a 502B”? Stock reflector but DIY copper pill threads both into the reflector and the finned portion. Body extended for 2 cells. XHP 50

Hjeh, kewl!

Sweet! i like it… good job

Hi all, Ultrafire C1 and solarforce L2 :THUMBS-UP:

No. You had me at_ “1937 brass and copper flashlight.”_ regardless of what went in it :slight_smile:

Now I have to do that in one of my videos. But with 2 guys. Either a good guy and a bad guy, OR a bad guy and a worse guy. Both trying to talk me into spending more money on flashlights.

I have a few p60 hosts, because it was the easiest way to upgrade a flashlight without soldering (started with flashlights in the days the 105c wasn’t launched on the market or wasn’t really popular nad the BLF didn’t exist). 1-2 years later the 105c becomes available, but I still like the p60 hosts and solder in this driver.
I had a few Ultrafire 501, 502, 504, two Solarforce L2, L2m, L2p (blue and gold), grey L2n, SkyRay SR-5 (the copy of the Seraph), but never a genuine Seraph SP-6.
The 501 is really cheap and I do not like the quality. The 502 is better and with the matt coating looks really good, I don’t the clip (not really stable and if you remove it, you got two screw holes, which end in the battery tube (easiest way: glue to close these). The tailcapdesign is not the first choice (in my opinion).

I prefer the Ultrafire 504 as a cheap near $10 complete flashlight (it was my first 18650 flashlight, bought with a XR-E LED, still used, stable and a big plus: Do not roll around). If you have a little bit bigger budget, go for a matt L2 (a higher quality as the 504). The L2p is nice, if you look for a special color, but the L2 is good enough.

And the aforementioned L2m hosts for ~10bux are a good start! :smiley:

Will have to throw together some more drop-ins…

UltraFire WF - 502B Cree XM - L T6

$ 4.56 with coupon GBWF

Only 8 pieces in stock!

I received a coupon specifically for this thread...