The 16340 battery with PCB, Can a 35 or 36 mm battery be used on a flashlight?

The regular 16340 battery is 34mm long. When processing the protection plate (PCB), the length becomes longer

Because the original battery length and processing technology are different, the total length is different

Hope Members can help me,Thanks

I have a few that are protected. They may not work in all 16340 lights but they do work in most.
Klarus LiR16340 700mAh (Red)
Fenix 16340 700mAh ARB-L16-700 (Orange-Black)
Shockli 16340 700mAh (Yellow)
Nitecore 16340 NL166 650mAh (Black-yellow)
Those are the protected 16340’s I have and they all work fine in my lights.
HKJ includes the dimensions in his test data. I think there is even more than the 16340 I listed in his Reviews.

Thank you very much. Almost all of them are about 35mm

Only Shockli battery is about 36mm,have you used it before?