The 5th Annual BLF / Old Lumens Scratch Made Light Contest - Final results!

So its true that Jack is someone else’s alter ego. :laughing:

Poor chap, looks worn out :smiley:

Very sorry for the delay. :cry: :person_facepalming: Will use the next couple of nights for finishing this. (who needs sleep anyway? :smiling_imp: )

MrsDNF: Which one of the still available prizes would you like to have?

< followed by tekwyzrd and DavidEF - in case I can’t reply in time >

Thanks the. I’ll take the Old Lumens Nichia 219B Copper 102LM AAA Mini Keychain LED Flashlight from Banggood.

:question: confused

If I’m interpreting this right I’d choose the BlitzWolf BW-ET1.

I’m not confused at all. :slight_smile:
Others may disagree though.
I’m happy for it to go to a home better than mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the kind words and for making the start of an otherwise bleak new year a bit brighter.

Received notification of shipment. Ordered two extension tubes. 3x aa should work nicely. It’s a shame the sample from thorfire fizzled. A BlitzWolf BW-ET1 vs Thorfire TK05 would have been interesting.

I just wanted to jump in here again and let you guys know that I received my Old Lumens Ltd Edition copper A01 a few days ago. I’ve used it a few times and I really enjoy it.

I’m currently trying to figure out how to make it my EDC without it getting demolished with scratches from hanging with my keys. It doesn’t have a pocket clip, and I’ve never worn a neck light and don’t have a chain for it. Any ideas?

Thanks again!

Hum, crazy as I am on that, I would make one thing, to protect it from scratches: put heatshrink tube around it! I’ve done a small cap for the tail of my Olight S1R to protect it from short-circuit (due to the charging “button” on the end).
If you don’t want to use the heat-shrink tube directly, you can put drawing paper between the tube and the light while heating it up and it creates a mould. Then you can take it out!

But or course, all this would ruin the beauty of that light :person_facepalming:

If you want to use it in the neck, I would put it in a thin paracord thread and make it adjustable to the neck! I am doing that with my Nitecore Tip and it has worked so far!
Just some ideas :wink:

Oh yeah, I didn’t think of paracord! :person_facepalming:

My daughter has some 550 paracord. Maybe she’ll let me have a piece of it. :innocent:

The BlitzWolf was delivered a few days ago. I immediately installed a 2 cell tube I had ordered for it. I was really impressed by the build quality and ui. Unfortunately mom liked it too - more than the nitecore ea41w I traded her for the pos crelant v4a. So, she now has the bw-et1 and I have the ea41w again. I really need to stop showing her new lights that arrive.

The MT01 arrived today I immediately filled it with 3 button tops ,nice light the 4 mode interface works well with hidden strobe…
thanks to RMM and THE others involved…

Congrats to all! :slight_smile: i miss participating on this special yearly, thing, maybe next year.

I’ve got mine on a paracord lanyard… or something vaguely like paracord, anyway. I used the thickest spare lanyard I could fit through its hole. Mine isn’t the Old Lumens edition though.

These are the best pics I have which include its lanyard: