The 5th Annual BLF / Old Lumens Scratch Made Light Contest

I will try to join the machine made contest. Will see how much time I have and what I come up with, never built a light from scratch before.

Thanks sb. You have just brightened my morning. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see awesome builds this year! :+1:

Great to see OL’s legacy still abides :+1:

hi all I will again have a go at a machine made thingamabob.
best I get my thinking cap on

It will be a headlight based on a familiar theme
Will start abuild thread when supplies arrive

I have 26 days left…

I am in. Still haven’t finished last year’s one hahaha. I have an idea just need the money.

Good luck lads!

I’ll be joining again this year. In fact, I was worried about this thing ever getting started! :open_mouth:

EDIT: I’m entering again in the Hand Made category.

And, here is my thread link.

So are we supposed to start our build threads as a WIP or wait until the light is complete then post the whole build? Are we allowed to build multiple lights? I have 2 designs I am stuck between, and I may just want to try both.

I would suggest starting as WIP, as following the build process and enjoying to see contestants to go over all obstacles is more fun for everyone.

Only one light per contestant, unless they can be considered as a “set” (like last year’s winner).

…including the judges, I’d guess. :wink:

Here is my build thread

Excited to see where this takes me.

I need a ruling.

Would it be acceptable if I offered up some excess “working” Soraa Mr16 gu5.3 12v lights (for free)
“working” is defined as they make nice light but seem more dim then the others I have. maybe a flaw maybe just lower voltage.


To the community to use as they see fit for contest purposes.

I believe the relevant rules are:

You may use some manufactured components such as; reflectors, P60 drop-ins, drivers, LEDs, “O”-Rings, switches or lenses
You may not use manufactured flashlight parts such as: a bezel, body, tail cap or head

Right now I have 5 2 left (Jensen567 already has his in route) :wink:

one or two each depending on demand.

Fancy emitters high cri and a killer heatsink I thought maybe they would help a modder out there?

_the_says OK

drop me a PM if interested.

Nice to see this running into the 5th year! sadly life’s headaches and obstacles, added with work loads this summer I have to sit this one out again. ( second year in a row >.<) hopefully next year i can re-join in on the build contest action. For now i will cheer-on all the competitors! :sunglasses:

Your support for this contest is appreciated!

I’d compare those to P60 drop-ins => can’t see anything wrong using them => feel free to go ahead.

Excited to be a part of the comp again this year! :beer:

Link to build thread.

…damn it, looks like I’ve landed sausage-side again… :person_facepalming:

the says yes


Congratulations on getting another one going. No promises as those are already tied up but if I can I’ll see what I can do after other commitments are fulfilled.

Subscribed to learn :wink: Good work to the participants! :sunglasses:


Weekend is here - let’s see some more build threads started!! :beer: