The 9th BLF Old Lumens Challenge Is Closed and Winners Have Been Named

Here we go! :sunglasses: Great, that the contest is happening again and many thanks to the organizers. :person_with_crown: :+1:

I am already checking my reflectors, hosts and leds to see what would be suitable this year.

May I ask why the modified light topics should go to the Flashlight Modding section while in the last years all threads were in the Giveaways and Contests section?

That is a great question, and shows that sample size can be important.

By that I mean that I looked at the modded category list in last years challenge and randomly selected one; that of djozz. That one was in the Modding section. A further random selection today found that the two I selected today had placed themselves in the Giveaways and Contest section. That prompted a look at all last years modded entries. All but two were in the Giveaways and Contests category.

Therefore I believe it would make some sense to place all three category entries in Giveaways and Contests. I am changing the original posting.

Thank you.

We need a sub section for comp entries, if we compiled all entries over the years the thread would be full.

Count me in! Hand made. Now I just need to decide what to build…

A similar idea was presented a while ago… Maybe build on that thread? Maybe have sb make it sticky?

Thank you so much for organizing everything.
Here is my modification thread.

Hope to see more participants soon.
Maybe more people will join after you post the prizes....

Just a bump in case someone new might see this and a reminder that the challenge does exist again.

Bump for inspiration

Did you have to bump ALL the old threads too? I mean really?

Yeh, there’s a lot of builds that can inspire. If you’re not interested you don’t have to look at them…

I just posted my entry thread for the modified light category: Skylight's Modification Class entry for the 9th BLF OL contest [COMPLETED]

80 days left is not too much. I’m quite busy but I think I will manage to squeeze this in.

Fortunately, I have most of the material on hand.

I see pinkpanda is in charge of the advertising. :wink: The OL contest is taking over BLF again. No way to ignore it. :smiley:

I’m in! modded light category!


keep em coming!

Thanks for the bump… I was thinking about doing that last night. Depending where in the world one is there are about 70 days left

Nobody in Machine Made yet… :nerd_face:

I noticed that. I’m actually contemplating moving over to machine made if that’s kosher.

I see no reason why someone could not change. One one category can be entered ata time. As long as it fits the criteria for classification switching should be okay. If you do please PM me. Also if you change in the next day or two I may not be able to do the changes in the forum as I am about to take off into the never-never land of lousy backcountry cell service.

I guess it is Kosher, but I am afraid the machine made and hand made categories will be boring with a single participant each :(

Yes, our participation rate so far this year is disheartening :frowning:

“never-never land of lousy backcountry cell service” MTNDon

That’s a good thing.