The Beast has arrived!!

Just got this…. Upon initial goofing off. It puts my X6 to shame. Side by side with my TK 70… They have about the same brightness 2200 lumens. But the Sare has far less spill than the 70… More goofing to come later.


Wow. A beautiful light in its own retro kinda way, really. The finish looks flawless in the pics - is it the same in person?

Wayne did a awesome job!

nice buy! looking forward to more!

Congrats Dale!! Looks great, enjoy…. Beamshots tonight???

I have to get some smaller 18650s. The Xstars are too big & I dont trust the trustfires…

Looks awesome, Dale!!

Funny...that's exactly what I say when I walk in the door from work.

Nice light.

Gords likes this :beer:


Very bright tight beam… Love it!

Looks great :slight_smile: what emitter is that?

Boy, you sure have tiny hands.... Wink

That thing is a monster. Congratulations, can't wait to get my EDC.

SST-90… I believe…

Thanks. Silly question when it’s called an st-90 I guess :slight_smile:
My excuse is that it looked like an XM-l for a minute on my phone :slight_smile:

You did the Jedi mind trick on me…. LOL… I had to check…

I have major flashlight envy right now Dale!Do they make a pocket clip for it? :open_mouth:


Bet that turns some heads…