The BIG battery collection thread - List your rechargeable battery collection here!

Not a large collection, mainly 18650 cells

4 x AA Duracells

4 x 18650 LG C2 LI-ION 2800mAh
4 x 18650 Panasonic NCR1865A 3100mAh
6 x 18650 Samsung 2600mAh
4 x 18650 UltraFire 3200mAh Silver
2 x 18650 UltraFire 2400mAh Blue

10x Eneloop XX
8x GP 2700mAh
8x GP 2100mAH
4x Varta 2500mAH

4x Enelong

1x FeiLong 32600 3.7V 5000mAh

3x Soshine 4200 mAh Protected

2x Panasonic 2900mAh NCR 18650PD Protected (intl-outdoor)
2x Panasonic 2900mAh NCR 18650PD (green)
4x Panasonic 3400mAh NCR 18650B Protected (intl-outdoor)
6x Panasonic 3400mAh NCR 18650B Protected (green)
2x Sanyo UR18650F 18650 2600mAh Protected
1x AW 2600mAh Protected

4x Sanyo UR14500P 840MAH protected
3x Nitecore NL147 14500 750mAh protected

Chargers li-ion:
-Xtar VP1
-Xtar SP2
-Nitecore I4
-Jetbeam I4
–14500-32600 li-battery charger (intl-outdoor)

Chargers li-ion:
-Shan SH-168DLCD
-NiMH 4 cell Smartcharger (bought locally)
-NiMH 2-cell Sony charger (Came with a camera many many years ago. Slow charging, rarely use it)
-NiMH 4-cell Varta “super quick charger with fan” (Not healthy for batteries, so only use it in “emergency”)

Ill try to keep my “collection” of batteries to a minimum. Also have a couple of non-rechargeable batteries at various sizes laying around.
My reason for having “many” AA batteries is because of photography (speedlite flashes).


2 × unprotected LiitoKala INR26650-50A 5000mAh
1 × unprotected King Kong ICR26650 4000mAh


9 × protected Panasonic 3400mAh (NCR18650B)
2 × unprotected Panasonic 3400mAh (NCR18650B)
2 × unprotected Samsung 3000mAh (INR18650-30Q)
3 × protected LumiLight 2900mAh (NCR18650)
8 × protected Sanyo 2600mAh (UR18650FM)
2 × unprotected TrustFire Flame 2400mAh


2 × protected TrustFire Flame "900mAh"


4 × 3gen Eneloop (HR-3UTGB)




Xtar VC4
Nitecore D4
2 × LiitoKala Lii-100
AccuPower IQ-328

4 x Enelong 900 mAh
2 x Hyundai 800 mAh
8 x 3rd Gen Panasonic Eneloop
8 x 5th Gen Panasonic Eneloop “Ocean Colors”
8 x 5th Gen Panasonic Eneloop “Expedition”
8 x 5th Gen Panasonic Eneloop “Botanic”
8 x 5th Gen Panasonic Eneloop “Earth”
12 x 2nd Gen Sanyo Eneloop “Silver Glitter”
4 x Varta Ready-To-Use 800 mAh

4 x Enelong AA2100
8 x Fujitsu HR-3UTC
4 x Hyundai 2000 mAh
16 x 4th Gen Panasonic Eneloop
16 x 4th Gen Panasonic Eneloop “Forest Tones”
8 x 5th Gen Panasonic Eneloop “Ocean Colors”
8 x 5th Gen Panasonic Eneloop “Expedition”
8 x 5th Gen Panasonic Eneloop “Botanic”
8 x 5th Gen Panasonic Eneloop “Earth”
12 x 3rd Gen Sanyo Eneloop
8 x Varta Ready-To-Use 2100 mAh

2 x “Black - No Name”
8 x “Blue - No Name”
6 x Veleno Design

1 x Efest IMR 350 mAh
2 x Soshine 350mAh
8 x Trustfire “600 mAh”
3 x Ultrafire “500 mAh”

1 x AW 750 mAh
1 x EagleTac 750 mAh
1 x Efest IMR 650 mAh
2 x EVVA 800 mAh
1 x Fireflylite 900 mAh (type-c)
2 x Intl-Outdoor UR14500P 840 mAh
1 x Jetbeam 750 mAh
4 x Keeppower “DLG” 800 mAh
3 x Olight 750 mAh
10 x Sanyo UR14500AC 740 mAh (reclaimed)
4 x Sanyo UR14500P 840 mAh
1 x Vapcell 1000 mAh
3 x Vapcell H10 1000 mAh
2 x Wurkkos 900 mAh

11 x EagleTac 750 mAh
1 x Efest IMR 550 mAh
2 x EVVA 700 mAh
1 x Fenix 700 mAh
1 x Jetbeam 680 mAh
2 x Keeppower 700 mAh
1 x Klarus K-03 650 mAh
1 x Klarus UR70 700 mAh
2 x Nitecore NL166 650 mAh
2 x Olight 650 mAh
1 x Skilhunt 650 mAh
4 x Trustfire IMR 650 mAh
2 x Trustfire 880 mAh
2 x Trustfire IMR 700 mAh
1 x Vapcell 800 mAh
4 x Xtar 600 mAh

1 x AW IMR 700 mAh
1 x Efest IMR 700 mAh
1 x Keeppower IMR 750mAh
1 x Keeppower IMR 1200 mAh
1 x Vapcell M11 1100 mAh
8 x Vappower IMR 750 mAh
2 x Xtar IMR 850 mAh

2 x Astrolux 2500 mAh
1 x EagleTac 2500 mAh
4 x EVVA 3100 mAh
1 x “Fireflylite” 2500 mAh (type-c)
1 x Intl-Outdoor UR18650FM 2600 mAh
2 x Keeppower 3200 mAh
2 x Keeppower 3400 mAh
1 x LG HE2 2500 mAh
10 x LG HE4 2500 mAh
4 x LG HE4 2500 mAh (reclaimed)
27 x LG HG2 3000 mAh
2 x LG HG2L 3000 mAh
4 x LG MJ1 3500 mAh
1 x Molicel INR18650-P28A 2800 mAh
1 x Olight 3600 mAh
3 x Olight 3500 mAh
2 x Olight 3200 mAh
2 x “Panasonic” NCR18650PF 2900 mAh
2 x “Panasonic” NCR18650 2900 mAh
10 x “Panasonic” NCR18650A 3100 mAh
4 x “Panasonic” NCR18650B 3400 mAh
1 x Rofis 3400 mAh
4 x Samsung ICR18650-32A 3200 mAh
39 x Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000 mAh
2 x Samsung ICR18650-30B 3000 mAh
4 x Samsung INR18650-35E 3500 mAh
6 x Sanyo 2800 mAh
4 x Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500 mAh
2 x Sony Konion VTC5 2600 mAh
4 x Sony Konion VTC5 2600 mAh (button-top)
10 x Sony Konion VTC6 3100 mAh
11 x Sony Konion VTC6 3100 mAh (button-top)
1 x ThruNite IMR 3100 mAh
1 x Wuben 2600 mAh
4 x Xtar 3100 mAh

1 x Astrolux 4500 mAh
1 x LG INR21700-M50LT 4900 mAh
1 x LG INR21700-M58T 5500 mAh
10 x Molicel INR21700-P42A 4200 mAh
1 x Olight 4000 mAh
4 x Samsung INR21700-30T 3000 mAh (reclaimed)
5 x Samsung INR21700-40T 4000 mAh (reclaimed)
11 x Samsung INR21700-40T 4000 mAh
3 x Samsung INR21700-48G 4800 mAh
2 x Samsung INR21700-50E 5000 mAh
1 x Wuben 4800 mAh

1 x Fireflies 1850 mAh

1 x Imalent 2000 mAh
2 x “noname” INR 2000mAh

1 x Enercig TN26650HP 3400 mAh
1 x Enercig TN26650MP 4200 mAh
1 x Enercig TN26650C 5200 mAh
1 x iJoy INR 4200 mAh
2 x Keeppower 5200 mAh
1 x Keeppower IMR 5500 mAh
2 x Liitokala Lii-50 5000 mAh
1 x Olight 4000 mAh
1 x Olight 4500 mAh
1 x Skilhunt 4500 mAh
2 x Vappower IMR 5200 mAh

Memorex Pro1 Geniux
Nitecore Digicharger D4
Opus BT-C3100 v 2.2
LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500
LiitoKala Lii-PD4
4 x Xtar VC4
Xtar MC1 Plus
Xtar MC0
Xtar SP1











Sold or Gifted
Bold is favourite
Nitecore Digicharger D4 Intellicharge i2, i4
Xtar WP6 II, MP1S, VP1, VP2, SP1, SP2, XP4c
Miller ML-102v3, ML-202
Soshine S1 mix-II, SC-S7, SC-C5, M20-LCD, SC-V1, SC-F7
Maha MH-C9000, MH-C800S
Sony BCG-34HRE
洁力源 JIELIYUAN Ni-Zn charger burnt on 23rd May 2014
数智星 4P80T Ni-Zn charger
iMax B6 AC Pro Hobby charger
Kentli 4.2v Lithium charger
Panasonic BQ-CC55E NiMH Smart Charger
Olight UC Magnetic USB Charger
Hobbyking Reaktor 250W 10A Hobby charger


32650 / 26650
1x Archon 32650 5500mAh
2x Soshine Protected 26650 Li-ion 4200mAh
2x King Kong ICR26650E 4000mAh

9pcs 8pcs Panasonic NCR18650B
2pcs Efest Protected NCR18650A 3100mAh
4pcs Xtar Protected NCR18650A 3100mAh
2pcs Protected Panasonic NCR18650A
4pcs Panasonic NCR18650A
3pcs Protected Panasonic NCR18650
1pc Panasonic NCR18650
4pcs Panasonic NCR18650PD
6pcs Panasonic CGR18650CG (pack pulled)
4pcs SolarForce 2600mAh S18650Pv3
2pcs Efest / Panasonic CGR18650CH
4pcs Sanyo Protected 2600mAh UR18650FM
4pcs Sanyo 2600mAh UR18650FM
6pcs Sanyo 2600mAh UR18650ZY
3pcs Sanyo 2200mAh UR18650A
2pcs Samsung ICR18650-30B
4pcs Samsung ICR18650-28E
6pcs Samsung ICR18650-26F
4pcs Samsung ICR18650-24E
4pcs Samsung ICR18650-22FM
6pcs Samsung ICR18650-22F (pack pulled)
6pcs Samsung ICR18650-20B (pack pulled)
2pcs LG ICR18650 D1
2pcs Sony US18650S (pack pulled)

18350 / RCR123 / 16340
4pcs Efest IMR18350 800mA
4pcs UltraFire 18350 1200mAh (actual +–820mAh)
2pcs AW RCR123 (617mAh & 620mAh)
1pc NiteCore NL166 RCR123A
4pcs Soshine 3.0V RCR123

14500 Li-ion / 14500 LiFePo4
2pcs Intl-outdoor Protected Sanyo UR14500P 840mAh
4pcs Coolook LiFePo4 600mAh

10440 LiFePo4
4pcs Coolook LiFePo4 200mAh

9V Rechargeable
Soshine 8.4v Li-Ion 500mA
Litelong 8.4v Li-Ion 880mA (actual 652mA)

2pcs Sanyo 2700mAh Ni-MH HR-3U
4pcs Sanyo Eneloop Lite HR-3UQ
2pcs Panasonic Eneloop Lite BK-3LCCE
4pcs Sanyo Eneloop HR-3UTGB
4pcs Panasonic Eneloop BK-3MCC
4pcs Sanyo Eneloop XX HR-3UWX
4pcs Sanyo Eneloop XX HR-3UWXA
1 pack Sanyo Eneloop Tones HR-3UTGA
1 pack Sanyo Eneloop Tones Chocolat HR-3UTGB
1 pack Sanyo Eneloop Tones Rouge HR-3UTGB
1 pack Sanyo Eneloop Tones UOMO HR-3UTGB
1 pack Panasonic Eneloop Tones Glamorous (BK-3MCC)
1 pack Panasonic Eneloop Tones Forest (BK-3MCC)
4pcs Sony CycleEnergy NH-AA
4pcs Enelong AA
2pcs 2pcs GP ReCyko 210AAHCB Green-Silver
8pcs Turnigy LSD 2400mA
8pcs Ikea Ladda 2450 HR6 LSD White
2pcs Turnigy Ni-Zn 1500mA
8pcs PowerGenix Ni-Zn
6pcs 4pcs Kentli 1.5v Rechargeable Lithium
4pcs Fujitsu HR-3UTLA Pink
4pcs Panasonic Eneloop Pro BK-3HCCE
4pcs Panasonic Eneloop BK-3MCCE

4pcs Sanyo Eneloop Lite HR-4UQ
2pcs Panasonic Eneloop Lite BK-4LCCE
8pcs Sanyo Eneloop Glitters HR-4UTGA
2pcs 2pcs Sony CycleEnergy NH-AAA
8pcs Ikea Ladda 900mA HR03 LSD White
8pcs Ikea Ladda 750mA HR03 LSD Green-Silver
8pcs Ikea Ladda 500mA HR03 LSD Light brown
4pcs Enelong AAA
4pcs GP Recyko+ 650mA
1pc 1pc Turnigy LSD 900mA
2pcs Kentli 1.5v Rechargeable Lithium

AAA -12x Eneloops 800mA, about 3 years old

AA -16x Eneloops 2000mA, about 3 years old

10440 -4x Efest IMR V1

14500 -4x Efest IMR V1

16340 -4x Efest IMR V2

18350 -4x Efest IMR V2

18650 -4x Panasonic CGR18650CH

18650 -4x Samsung INR18650-20R

26650 -2x Sony SE US26650VT

3pcs xtar 2400mah
2pcs sanyo ur18650F
2pcs panasonic 18650A unprotected
2pcs panasonic 18650A protected button top
8pcs panasonic 18650A protected flat top

4pcs eneloops hr-4utga

At least up to now.
16x Eneloops

40x Eneloop
8x Rayovac

2x Sanyo UR14500P

6x Sanyo UR18500F

18650 Laptop Pulls
3x Sony US18650GR
8x Panasonic CGR18650CG
18x Samsung ICR18650-26C
4x Samsung ICR18650-22F
6x Sanyo UR18650A
2x Sanyo UR18650FM

18650 New
4x Keepower 18650 2600 mAh Protected
4x Panasonic CGR18650CH
4x Panasonic NCR18650PF
4x Sanyo UR16650ZT
4x Sanyo UR18650FM
1x Xtar 18700 2600 mAh Protected
3x Xtar 18650 3100 mAh Protected

2x Trustfire Flame Protected

Old collection

Actual collection

Let`s see if I remember…

Panasonic 3400 mAh NCR18650B Protected x 8
Efest 3400 mAh 18650 Protected x 2
xxxx-fire 3000-5600 mAh protected x 10 (don´t ask:)
Laptop pulls (Sanyo) 2000-3000 mAh 18650 Unprotected x 13
Other 18650 batteries x 5
Ultrafire 5000 mAh 26650 batteries (grey) x 4

totally 42 pcs 18650 + 26650

+ some Panasonic Nimh-batteries and a Panasonic charger

  • Nitecore i4 x 2 + 4 cheap chargers i don´t use anymore

Used to buy some cheap batteries before i knew better. Nowadays using mostly Panasonic and Efest batteries.


8x Eneloop
12x Idea Ladda lsd


4x Eneloop
8x Ikea Ladda lsd


2xUltrafire hazards
12x Sanyo laptop pulls
4x Samsung


Maha C9k
Xtar WP6
some other cheap ones.

some of this is what I have accumulated thus far experimenting. Going foward will invest in quality cells and only keep what I need/use.

Protected Li-ion -
18650 - 6xNitecore 3100mAh, 2xTrustfire Flames 3000mAh, 4xSamsung 30B SDI 2C63 3000mAh
14500 - 2xNitecore 750mAh

Primary CR123A - 12xNitecore. 4xPanasonic

Nimh - AA - 12xDigimax 2850mAh 12xEnergizer 2000mAh

Alkaline D - 10xDuracell Procell
Alkaline C - 10xDuracell Procell
Alkaline AA - 36xDuracell Procell
Alkaline AAA - 24xDuracell Procell
Various button cells for LEDLenser K1L, cameras etc. ???

Nitecore i4v2 charger

I gave all my batteries away and switched to gas.

Jetbeam i4 pro
2x Miller 102 (version 3)
Nitecore i4 (version 2)
Trustfire TR003P4 modified (1 channel ends with 4,35V [for a few unprotected LG], 1 channel with 1,5A [good for 26650] and all channels end with -0,05V max).

Marsfire protected

Eneloop 3. Generation
Eneloop Disney Limted Edition

Trustfire protected 900mAh
Marsfire protected 930mAh

Trustfire protected 880mAh
Marsfire protected 900mAh

LG ICR18650D1 3000mAh (4,35V)
Panasonic protected 2900mAh NCR18650
Panasonic protected 3400mAh NCR18650B
Samsung unprotected 2400mAh ICR18650 24E
Samsung unprotected 2600mAh ICR18650 26F
Trustfire protected 3000mAh (flame)
XTAR unprotected 2900mAh 10A high darin (Panasonic inside)

Trustfire protected 5000mAh (flame)

Update as of 05 August 2015 with actual capacities taken using BT-C3100 (gave away the low capacity 18650s.


  1. 13 x CDR-King HR3 900 mAh (average 826 mAh)


  1. 2 x GP HR6 1800 mAh (average 1234 mAh)
  2. 8 x CDR-King HR6 2400 mAh (average 2353 mAh)


  1. 1 x TrustFire Protected TR 600 mAh Grey (83 mAh)


  1. 1 x Small Sun “1000” mAh (548 mAh)
  2. 2 x Sanyo UR14500P 840 mAh (average 794 mAh)
  3. 2 x TrustFire Flames 14500 Protected (average 782 mAh)


  1. 1 x HZS “1200” mAh (297 mAh)
  2. 1 x TrustFire Protected 880 mAh Grey (683 mAh)
  3. 3 x Nitecore NL 166 Protected 650 mAh (average 605 mAh)


  1. 2 x Sanyo UR18500FK 1700 mAh (average 1671 mAh)


  1. 1 x QuiangFa TR Protected “3000” mAh (1911 mAh)
  2. 9 x Sanyo UR18650FM 2600 mAh (average 2394 mAh)
  3. 16 x Sanyo UR18650F Protected 2600 mAh (average 2489 mAh)
  4. 1 x Redilast Protected 2600 mAh (2412 mAh)
  5. 1 x Small Sun XTY18650 Protected 2400 mAh (1613 mAh)
  6. 6 x Panasonic NCR18650B Protected 3400 mAh (average 3282 mAh)
  7. 10 x Samsung ICR18650-28A 2800 mAh (average 2469 mAh)
  8. 10 x Sanyo UR18650ZY 2600 mAh (average 2583 mAh)
  9. 3 x CJ 6D00113 2200 mAh (average 2120 mAh)
  10. 8 x Samsung INR18650-29E 2900 mAh (average 3018 mAh)
  11. 18 x Sanyo UR18650FM 2600 mAh pulls from 18sixfifty (average 2062 mAh)
  12. 1 x Assassin BRC18650 Protected 3500 mAh (1736 mAh)


  1. 5 x King Kong ICR26650 4000 mAh (average 4493 mAh)
  2. 1 x Mars Fire Protected 5000 mAh (4152 mAh)


  1. Nitecore Intellicharger i2
  2. Nitecore Intellicharger i4 V2
  3. Opus BT-C3100 DreamCharger
  4. Hal Zhi Mei HZM-045D/E

My collection isn’t terribly impressive I suppose.

2x Trustfire Blue protected
4x NCR-B protected
2x Sanyo UR16650ZT
3x King Kong
4x Costco Eneloop AAA
8x Costco Eneloop AA
11x Sanyo US18650GR
12x Panasonic –28A

I won’t count the 9 18650’s I pulled from a ‘replacement’ pack for my old laptop. They might not be worth keeping.

Well, I mostly have AA and AAA NiMh … recently I got into Li-ion!

As you can see I mark all batteries with a label contain DATE&CAPACITY. I redo the test after some years.

2x LC 18650 red + blue UltraSHIT 3200mAh with real capacity of only 100mAh
2x ICR18650 Ultrafire 4250mAh (protected) which test about 2000mAh
2x TR16340 blue 880 give about 500mAh
2x LR123A maker GTL 1800mAh - giving poor 200mAh

4x AA Eneloops 2000mAh - 4 years old and still give about 2050mAh each

4X AA Enitime 2000mAH - doesn’t feel as good as Eneloops but too have 2000mAh after 4 years
4x AAA Enitime 750mAH - they too still have between 720 - 805 mAh

XXx AA Instant 2300 LSD - great value for money between 2200-2410mAh EXCEPT THIS ONE
xxX AAA Instant 950mAh - they had 830 - 940mAh … need a new TEST on my BC700

8X AA Soshine 2500 from DX bought 2008 … well they had 2060 when new - now there down to 1300-1600 mAh if not dead

16XAA GP1800 - they been forgotten loong time … recycled them so they got 1100-1400 mAH (got them from a friend)

My wife get crazy because all my batteries and cables …. well these are now JUNK - look at the 9V cluster - ehy, still 37.3V

some plain multichargers + this 1412W Charger
A loved BC700 because my BC900 got bad AND I NEED A TEST CHARGER
iMax B6 (clone) great/cool when interfacing it with the PC (pl2303 serial-USB) and LOGVIEW

6x Efest IMR 2000mAh Red
6x Efest IMR 2600mAh Black
10x Samsung ICR18650-26F
6x Sanyo UR18650ZY (incoming)
4x Panasonic PF 2900mAh (incoming)
1x Panasonic 3400mAh
1x Sony VTC4
4x Sanyo 2600mAh protected
2x Keep power 14500 800mAh (incoming)
4x Sony SE 18650GR laptop pulls

8x Eneloop AA Gen1
8x Eneloop AA Gen3
2x Eneloop AAA Gen3
8x Ecomax AA LSD
4x CDR King AAA

Several dozens of Duracell, Matsushima and Camelion AA Alkalines

12 duraloop’s (white + isolation ring duracell)
4 energizer 800’s
4 rayovac hybrids

32 Duraloops
24 Duracell black isolation ring (just got these, pulled them of of the battery recycling bin at Home Depot and after refreshing they are ALL over 2Ah)!
8 energizer 2500’s
4 energizer 2450’s
12 rayovac hybrids
10 random other / house brands
24 L91’s (Energizer ultimate lithium primaries, on hand for emergencies, stored in different places/bags/vehicle emergency kits)

6 powerex
2 tenergy

2 eagletac black wrapper protected

2x real TF flames

1 unknown brand red wrapper unprotected (wanna say SANYO, got it brand new and at 4.1v from that same recycling bin as the AA’s, now its my test bench battery)

8 NCR18650B’s unprotected
2 NCR18650B’s protected
4 Samsung 25R’s
5 Samsung 15M’s (high-drain 1500mAh tool pack pulls)
2 VTC5’s
1 eagletac 3400 white/green (pannyB’s inside)
14 2200-2800mAh assorted laptop pulls

2 IQ-328’s
1 nitecore i4 V2
1 nitecore i2 v2 (kept in car)
1 XTAR MC1 (kept in horse trailer)