The BIG flashlight collection thread - List your flashlight collection here!

Wow, so many lights you own.

I want to get a underwater torch for outdoor, but I don’t know which one is cheap and high quality. Please give me some suggestion, thanks.

Your post should be relocated to the main thread.
When you say “cheap and good quality” that is pretty vague.
It would help us to help you, if you gave us a price range for your budget, then we can make suggestions.

Finally someone took a picture of my flashlight collection. Missing are the Trustfire 3T6 & Maglite 50XL.

Left t to right: UltraOK’s 4 AAA XML, Ultrafire HD-2010, Ultrafire C8, XinTD C8, Trustfire Mini 01, Trustfire X6, Nebo Redline, TR-J12, Old’s custom Maglite, Ultrafire C9, Peak Preformance 2.5 million rechargable flashlight.

My collection goes like this…

  1. Fenix PD32
  2. Trustfire TR-3T6
  3. Maglite 4 D
  4. Trustfire X6
  5. Thrunite TN31
  6. BTU Shocker
  7. Fenix TK70

Update as of 15 October 2015:


1. Maglite 4D (black, modified emitter to 6x XR-E Q5)


1. Coleman 5390E901 (gray plastic, Incandescent)
2. NiteCore MT2A (black, XP-G R5)
3. Starry Light SA-22 BLF Edition (black, XM-L2 T6 3C on 16mm DTP aluminum MCPCB)
4. Cofly KX-D010 (black, XP-E R2)
5. Copper MIN (gold, 3W LED)


1. Small Sun ZY-L28-3 (black, modified emitter to Luxeon Rebel Star, 18500, AWG 22 lead wires)
2. Police HT-138
3. Police 10W (black, modified emitter to Luxeon Rebel Star, 18500)
4. ‘unmarked’ 9-LED (2 pcs - black & camouflage)
5. YL Green Laser Pointer
6. Power Beam 5-LED Bike Light
7. OEM Stainless Steel Aspheric light
8. OEM Stainless Steel Aspheric light
9. OEM Stainless Steel Aspheric light
10. Olight i3S (blue, XP-G2)
11. Hugsby XP-2 (black, XP-E R3)
12. Black Shadow EVA (black, XP-G2 R5)
13. KD Buckle V6 Max (silver, XP-E)
14. Lumintop Tool (black, XP-G2 R5)
15. SolarStorm SA-1 (orange, XP-G2)
16. Enjoydeal (black, XP-E R3)


1. 2JD Laser/LED Keychain
2. ‘unmarked’ Laser/LED/UV Keychain
3. Zinc Coating Brass Keychain Light
4. Columbia Mini Key Chain Flashlight (Green)
5. Columbia Mini Key Chain Flashlight (Red)


1. ‘unmarked’ LED Keychain (2 pcs)

Sealed Lead Acid

1. CDR-King 44-LED Lantern
2. CDR-King 28-LED Lantern
3. leetec LT-302 30-LED Camping Lantern


1. OEM Cigarette Lighter Light (red)
2. Legoman Key Chain Light
3. Nitecore T Series Tube (green)
4. Nitecore T Series Tube (white)
5. Nitecore T Series Tube (blue)
6. Nitecore T Series Tube (black)
7. Nitecore T Series Tube (pink)
8. Nitecore T Series Tube (pink)


1. Tank007 TK-703 (red, XR-E Q3)
2. UltraFire M5 (black, XP-G R5)


1. Police BL-8468 (black, XR-E Q5)
2. Etour Head Lamp (XM-L T6 on 16mm DTP copper MCPCB)


1. Nebo Protec Elite HP190LS (black, XR-E Q5)
2. UniqueFire UF-K21 (black, XM-L U2)
3. TrustFire Mini-02 (stainless, XM-L T6, AWG 22 .lead wires)
4. Bamboo Flashlight (bamboo body, XM-L U2, 10 deg optical lens, coiled AWG 10 copper wire as heat sink)


1. Police ‘YAKYYA’ (black, XR-E P4, 2 pcs, AWG 24 lead wires)
2. JETBeam BC40 (black, XM-L T6)
3. Black Shadow Terminator (gray, 4x XM-L U2 dedomed on 16mm DTP aluminum MCPCB, resistor direct-wire, AWG 22 springs)
4. Sup Beam K40 (black, XM-L2 T6 1B dedomed, resistor direct-wire, AWG 22 lead wires)
5. Police BL-8498 (black, XM-L T6)
6. Sky Ray King (gold, XM-L2 T6 3B + dedomed XM-L2 T6 3C + dedomed XM-L2 T6 1B on 20mm SinkPads, AR lens, resistor direct-wire, AWG 22 lead wires)
7. CDR-King NEA Barrel (silver, XR-E Q5, AWG 22 lead wires)
8. UltraFire PM-8099 (brown, XR-E Q5, 2-mode DD driver, AWG 22 lead wires)
9. Convoy C8 (black, XM-L T6 3C, 10*AMC7135, AR lens, AWG 22 lead wires)
10. Convoy C8 (black, XM-L2 T6 3B dedomed on 16mm SinkPad, 12*AMC7135, AR lens, AWG 22 lead wires)
11. SingFire SF-90 Bike Light (gray, XM-L T6)
12. Sky Ray S-R5 (gray, UV, won from DBCstm’s 1000th post)
13. Police CY-T91 (black, XM-L U2 dedomed on copper MCPCB, resistor +2xR500P, AWG 22 lead wires)
14. Small Sun ZY-T08 (black, XM-L2 T6 3B dedomed on 25mm DTP aluminum MCPCB, resistor direct-wire, AR lens, AWG 22 lead wires)
15. Jacob A60 (black, XR-E Q5 dedomed, AWG 22 lead wires)
16. BTU Shocker ‘Nightbird95’ (black, 3x XM-L2 T6 1B dedomed on 20mm SinkPads, AWG 22 lead wires)
17. OEM FTT (black, XP-G dedomed on 20mm SinkPad, resistor +2xR100P)
18. Convoy S8 (black, XM-L2 T6 4C on 16mm SinkPad, 8*AMC7135)
19. Solar Storm X2 Bike Light (black, 2x XM-L2 T6 3B on 16mm DTP aluminum MCPCB)
20. LSON Head Lamp (black, XM-L2 T6 3B on 20mm SinkPad, 2-mode DD Driver, AWG 18 wires)
21. LSON Head Lamp (black, XM-L U2 on 20mm DTP copper MCPCB)
22. Yupard 3405 (gray, XP-G2 R5 1A dedomed on 20mm SinkPad, resistor direct-wire, AWG 22 lead wires)
23. Solar Storm X2 Bike Light (red/blue, 2x XM-L U2)
24. Solar Storm X2 Bike Light (red/green, 2x XM-L U2)
25. SingFire SF-522 Head Lamp (black, XM-L T6)
26. ‘Ledoman’ 6x XM-L Bike Light (black, 3x XM-L T6 dedomed + 3x XM-L T6 on 40mm DTP aluminum MCPCB)
27. Eagle Eye X6-SE BLF Edition (black, XM-L2 T6 3B on 20mm SinkPad)
28. Courui D01 (gray, XP-G2 dedomed on 32mm Noctigon, resistor direct-wire, AWG 22 lead wires & springs, tail switch mod)
29. SolarStorm SP03 (3x XM-L2 U2 dedomed on 20mm SinkPads, resistor direct-wire, AWG 22 lead wires & springs)
30. Olight SR52 Intimidator (XM-L2 dedomed, AWG 22 lead wires, AWG 18 spring)
31. OEM Laser 301 (blue)
32. Assassin A-11 (black, XM-L T6 dedomed, AWG 22 lead wires)


1. 4Sevens Maelstrom X10 (black, XM-L2 T6 3B dedomed)
2. TrustFire X100 (black, 6x XM-L T6 dedomed on 16mm DTP copper MCPCB + XM-L2 T6 3B on 20mm SinkPad, resistor mod, AWG 22 lead wires)
3. TangsFire TS-2010 (black, XM-L2 T6 1B dedomed on 25mm DTP aluminum MCPCB, Nanjg 105c 10*AMC7135)
3. XinTD X3 (gun metal, XP-G2 R5 1A dedomed on 20mm SinkPad)

LED Bars

1. OEM 36W Spot LED Bar (12x XB-D)
2. OEM 36W Spot LED Bar (12x XB-D)
3. OEM 72W Combo LED Bar (24x XB-D)

My five strongest throwers - all throwing more than 800 meters:

L-R: BTU Shocker ‘Nightbird95’ 297,072 cd; Courui D01 364,210 cd; Olight SR52 Intimidator 207,273 cd; SupBeam K40 182,468 cd; Yupard 3405 163,229 cd


1. 4 7s Preon P1 (xp-g2)
2. Nitecore T5s
3. Geepas mini


1. 4 7s Mini MLR2 (xp-g2)


1. Olight EOS i1
2. Eagletac d25c clicky (xm-l u2)


1. Chinese modded with xm-l u2
2. Maglite mini


1. Olight M21x
2. Ultrafire UF-2220 modded with SST-50
3. Police modded with xm-l u2

energizer ultimate 2xAA
energizer 1w tactical
energizer high intensity 2xAA
romisen rc-c6 clone

2D maglite led
3D maglite incan

mxdl 3w mini
crelant v31a

uniquefire c108
crelant 7g2cs
smallsun zy-t13
ultrafire 502b (empty host right now)

i think im missing a few… but oh well

Review Nitecore EC4 (2x18650) spanish review
Review Nitecore MH20 rechargeable (spanish review)
Fenix LD11 spanish review. 14500/NiMH capable
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Review Armytek Prime c2 Warm
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Review IMALENT EU06 2015 version
Manker Rambler XM-L2 18650, Rechargeable, spanish review
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Review spanish FENIX LD09
Review in spanish NITECORE P20
REVIEW spanish THRUNITE T10 clicky
Review Skilhunt DS15 english Review Skilhunt DS15 spanish
Review FENIX E12 spanish
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My Sunwayman family

FENIX Family:


DQG Fairy

THRUNITE Ti Titanium Ed
THRUNITE TIS (stainless steel)
Rayus C01 XP-G2
Lumintop Tool clicky
FENIX E05 ss 2014 (85 lumens)
Fenix E05 2014 (85 lumens version)
SolarStorm SA-1 orange
Nextorch K10 (DOA)
Mini aaa XP-G2 ss
Lumapower LM21
Nitecore T0
ITP A3 EOS Upgraded
Olight i3 (Black and Gold)
Olight i3S (Gold, Black and Red)
Olight A3T
Sunwayman R02a
Thrunite Ti (Gold,Black,Blue)
Ti2 (gold)
Worm II (Black)
Worm II SS
Tank007 E09
Tank007 E11
CQG S1 xpg-r5 (SOLD)
CQG S1 xp-E
DQGIII ss xpg-R5
DQGIII ss xpg-R4 (gifted)
Bronte RA01
Maglite Solitaire LED y Classic
Skilhunt I
Balder TD-0
Ultrafire UF-T1
Nextorch K1
Tank007 PA01

EAGLETAC D25A clicky 2015 Titanium Ed. XP-L
Armytek Prime A1 Pro Warm
FENIX HL50 (1xAA/1xCR123a)
Armytek Partner A1 XM-L2
FENIX LD09 (8,5/10)
Thrunite T10 Clicky (8/10)
SkilHunt DS15 (8.8/10)
FENIX E12 (7.5/10)
Fenix E11 (8/10)
Fenix E11 2013 (8/10)
FENIX LD12 (8,5/10)
SolarStorm SC01 (6/10)
EagleTac d25A clicky Ti nichia 219 (9/10)
SPARK SF5 NW (8,5/10)
Lumapower LM31 XP-G2 (6/10)
Solarforce Z2 (7,5/10)
EagleTac D25AM Ti S2 (8/10)
Sunwayman S10A (8,5/10)
Olight S15 Ti (9,5/10)
Olight S15 (8,5/10)
XTAR WK41 (8,5/10)
Bronte Ra04 (6,5/10)
Thrunite Neutron 1A (7/10)
Balder SE-1 (6/10)
Balder HD-1 (7/10)
Thrunite T10 (7,5/10)
Olight i2 (7,5/10)
Nitecore Sens aa (7,5/10)
Nitecore MT1A (7,5/10)
Nitecore Expl.EA1 (malfunctions,)
Rofis ER12 (7,5/10)
Galaxy Xpower (7,5/10)
Klarus P1A (8/10)
Sipik SK68 (6/10)
EagleTac D25A Clicky (9/10)
L10 XP-G2 4 modes (7/10)
Sunwayman C15a (8/10)
Thrunite Saber 1A (BLF edition) (7,5/10)
Thrunite Saber 1A 2014 (7,5/10)
Xtar WK50 (7/10)
Sunwayman R10a (Flicker on high)
Zebralight SC52 (9,5/10)
Tank007 TK-507 (5/10)

Multi- aaa
NITECORE MT06* 9/10*
Terralux Lightstar 80 (7/10)
EagleTac PN20a XP-G2 (9/10)
Olight H15S
Mini Mag 2xaaa (7,5/10)
Maglite XL-50 (8/10)
Tikkina2 de PETZL
Olight O’pen (8,5/10)

Multi- aa
NEXTORCH S 2AA recargable. (9/10)
Fenix E20 2014
Nitecore MT21A
Olight ST25 (8,5/10)
Maglite Pro+ (8/10)
Foursevens QT2A (8,5/10)
Sunwayman D20A (9/10)
NITECORE EA41 (9/10)
Nitecore EA4 (NW and CW) (9/10) SOLD
Sunwayman D40A (9,5/10)
Klarus P2A xpg-r5 (7/10)
Bronte RA20 xpg-r5 (7,5/10)
T. Neutron 2A (7,5/10)
Starry Light SA-22 BLF ed. (6,5/10)

JetBeam RRT0 S2 (9,5/10)
Fenix PD12 (8,5/10) (SOLD)
Sunwayman V11R XM-L2
Sunwayman V10R Ti+ (9,75/10 :wink: )
Spark SF3 NW (8,5/10)
Solarforce Z1 (6,5/10)
Xtar WK42 (I love it) (9/10)
SUNWAYMAN F10R (6,5/10)
Nitecore SRT3 Grey (9,5/10)
Olight S10 XM-L (8/10)
Olight S10 XM-L2 (SOLD)
Nitecore Sens cr (SOLD)
Thrunite T21 (SOLD)
Thrunite T20 (8/10)
Nitecore MTC1 (7,5/10)
Klarus P1C (7/10)
JetBeam RRT-01 (9/10)
Sunwayman M11R Black (9/10)
Sunwayman M11R Tan
Nitecore EX10 (8,5/10)

Nitecore EC4 2X18650)
Nitecore MH20
ARMYTEK Dobermann (Warm)
OLIGHT S30 Ti (Natural ti)
Armytek Prime C2 Warm (SOLD)
Manker Rambler (Sold)
Imalent EU06 2015
Nitecore MH12
Olight S20R
JETBEAM WL-S4 (2x18650)
-Nitecore P10 -SOLD
Nitecore EC20(8,7/10)
Armytek Predator PRO V 2.5 (9,3/10)
NITECORE P20 (9/10)
Fenix TK12 XP-G2 (8,5/10)
Olight M21X L2 (9/10)
-Sunwayman V20C Y (8/10) ( SOLD)
Fenix E35UE (8,5/10)
Fenix PD35 (9,5/10)
Sunwayman C21C (8/10) (SOLD)
Solarforce L2 XM-L 5 mode (6,5/10)
Convoy S3 XML 1.400 mA (SOLD)
NITECORE EC25W (8,5/10) (Changed) TK15 on the way
Sunwayman C20C (7/10) SOLD

Niteye JA10 arrived DOA.

On the way….MANKER Timeback Titanium, Nitecore TM16 y Sunwayman P02A

Crelant V31A [Cree XM-L2 U2]
Defiant 500 Lumen “Tactical” 3xC cell Flashlight (x2) [Cree XM-L]
DGQ 18650 [Cree XM-L2 T6 1A]
Fenix TK70 [3 x Cree XM-L]
Fenix PD22 G2 [Cree XP-G2 R5]
HD2010 (Tmart) [Cree XM-L T6]
Maratac all copper CU123 [Cree XP-G]
Nitecore MH25 Nightblade [Cree XM-L U2]
Nitecore TM26 Tiny Monster Quadray [Cree XM-L U2]
Princeton Tec Byte [Luxeon Rebel K2 TFFC]
Sky Ray King Black [3 x Cree XM-L U2]
ThruNite Saber 1A BLF Edition [Cree XP-G2 R5 1C]
ThruNite TN30 [3 x Cree XM-L2 U2 1C]
ThruNite TN31 [Cree XM-L2 U2 1C]
Trustfire X6 [Luminus SST-90]
Ultrafire 9xT6 [9 x Cree XM-L T6]
XinTD C8 V3 [Cree XM-L U3]
Zebralight H502 [Cree XM-L]

P60 Hosts
Solarforce L2N Grey Forward Clicky
Solarforce L2N Black Forward Clicky
Solarforce L2P Grey HAIII 2011 Body Forward Clicky
Solarforce L2P Blue HAIII 2011 Body Forward Clicky
Surefire G2 Olive Drab

Cree 3 x XP-G2 R5 3D NW 3-6v 2A (EDCPlus X60L3)
Nichia 3 x NVSL219AT-H1 High CRI (92) 4500K 3-6v 2A (EDCPlus X60L3)
Cree XM-L2 U2 CW OP 3-6v 2A (EDCPlus X60L)
Cree XM-L2 SMO 3.6-18v (Lightmalls M0703)
Cree XM-L2 OP 3.6-18v (Lightmalls M0703)
Cree XM-L SMO 2.8-4.2v 1.4A (DealExtreme 55025)
Cree XM-L OP 2.8-4.2v 1.4A (DealExtreme 55025)
Cree XP-G OP 3.6-18v 1A (Fasttech 1105600)
Cree XR-E OP 3-18v 3A 700mA/3W (DealExtreme 6090)
395 nm UV OP 3.7-6v 700mA/3W (eBay)

6 x Panasonic NCR18650B 18650 3400 mAh protected (Redilast P18650-3400
6 x Panasonic NCR18650B 18650 3400 mAh protected (
1 x Panasonic NCR18650B 18650 3400 mAh protected (
4 x Sanyo UR18650FM 18650 2600 mAh protected (
4 x Trustfire Flame 18650 “3000 mAh” protected
1 x Nitecore NL183 2300 18650 2300 mAh protected
4 x Trustfire Flame 26650 “5000 mAh” protected
2 x Solarforce 16340 880 mAh protected
4 x Trustfire Flame 16340 “880 mAh” protected
8 x Sanyo Eneloop AA 2000 mAh LSD Ni-MH
4 x Tenergy Centura D 8000 mAh LSD Ni-MH

Nitecore Intellicharger i4 v2
Tenergy T-9688

O.K., my collection is not as extensive or expen$ive as most, but here goes.

Duracell Durabeam 2AA, the little square one from the ’70s, with LED drop-in
Eveready Workhorse 3D
MagLite 3D with Direct Drive Luxeon III mod. Throwbeast!
Maglite 3D, with Diamond 3 Watt drop-in, on TDY with a buddy who works as a security guard. Another throwanimal! He likes it! Will probably never see it again.
Car light: Dorcy 2D el cheapo light, with LED drop-in.
MX 991U issue flashlight with LED drop-in
4 standard Mini MagLites, all with LED and clicky, ’cause I don’t like the focus feature!
2 Inova X1s, one of which will be given to my granddaughter this week
Underwater Kinetics 4AAeLED
CMG infinity Ultra, branded Gerber, from immediately after CMG was bought out.
Terralux Lightstar 220. Small, and nearly as bright as my 3D Mag.
Two cute little tripod 3AAA lights from QVC that my wife gave me for Chirstmas a couple of years ago. Surprisingly handy.

A Mini MagLED that I bought just to see what all the shouting was about. Bright, and Low is handy, but, the head twist to change modes is a pain, as are the modes…strobe? To call in an air strike on the animal that ran away with your shoes? :wink:

Wife’s purse/nightstand:
Fenix E11
Mini MagLite/led, Kroll clickie
She may also have an Inova X1 in there , somewhere, I know I gave her one…oh, well, as long as she keeps good batteries in them.

Will probably never see again:,
Mini Mag with LED on tdy for years with my nephew, the airline pilot, who says he likes it better than the Aviator. Hmmmm….

From Left >>> Right
Maglite 6D - 600lumen (Terralux tle-300m)
HID 75w
Maglite 4D - 1000lumen (Terralux tle-310m)
Ultrafire TR-J18
Trustfire TR-1200
Ultrafire xml-t6 zoomie
Trustfire TR-3t6
Uniquefire sst-50 uf-1500l
Thrunite TN31
MTE sscp7-c
Sunwayman R20A
Maglite 2xAA
Ultrafire WF501-B (UV)
200mw blue (purple laser)
200mw green (laying down)
12 led IR
ArchoII M10M
Ultrafire WF606
Sunwayman V11R
Ultrafire SAR2 (x2)
Fenix TK75 (Awaiting delivery)

Wow! You guys have a lot of flashlights. :heart_eyes:

Fenix LD12 - my EDC
Fenix TK41
Fenix TK70 (2)
Zebra SC600
Xeno G42 V2
Lumintop Hunter T5 Xpg2
Deft X - coming

Klarus XT11
Supbeam K40
Shadow JM26
Fenix TK70

Maha C9000
Pila IBC
iCharger 106B+

time for an update:

Nitecore EX10 Smart PD
Xiaozhi EDC 18650
SF L2 with L2t head and ss flat bezel (3-mode XM-L T6 @ 2.8A)
SF L2m with L2t tailcap (0.8-4.2V XP-G R5 from SF)

Small Sun ZY-T08



EagleTac D25A clicky

Fenix LD12

Fenix E21

UltraFire C3 (single mode)


Fenix LD01

Button cell

Photon Freedom Micro

Most of my lights, 20 or so are in autos, motorcycles, and boats.



Holy sh*t.
How much time does it cost you to decide which light to bring? :wink:

:open_mouth: :heart_eyes: :open_mouth: :heart_eyes: