The Black Skyray King is impressive

Just wanted to say I went for a night walk with my Black King and it amazes me the light you get for 66 bucks, it makes me wish I didnt buy my TM11

did you bought it from here?black sky ray

I could give you $66 for your TM11 and you could buy another SRK and be twice as happy. :bigsmile:

Now this is some good logic :smiley:

or be tripled impressed if u get that 66$ and get the new skyray 9 xml :slight_smile:

yea I bought it from cnqualitygoods

tempting but no lol

I could give you $86 for your TM11 and you could buy another two SRK Mimics and be trice as happy. :bigsmile:

I had my Black SRK out to a dark wooded park here the other night and it was the first time I really got to use it. I was equally blown away, amazing light for the price!!

Only problem I have now is battery charging capacity. My Xtar charger isn’t cutting it as I can only charge two batteries at a time, with the SRK draining four at a time that makes for a long recharge cycle. So I ordered an Intellicharge i4 from goinggear, that problem should now be fixed.

I just bought it like 2 weeks ago or I probably would lol

Which Xtar charger you’re using ?

Intellicharge i4 is a slow charger if all slots in use (4x 500mA or 2x 1000mA)

Xtar wp2 II

I figured buying the Intellicharge i4 vs an additional Xtar would offer more flexibility. I badly needed a new nimh charger as well, so that sealed the deal.