The BLF DIY Forum First Annual Scratch made light contest - CONTEST IS DONE - WINNERS are Announced! in the OP

I think of a welder as a tool for making a stronger joint. As long as the fitting is done by hand/dremel/drill, who cares how you make it stick together? Just no cut off saws.


like i said, im just running ideas threw my head at this point. i got some ideas of what i will do, but nothing definite. just seeing how far i can push my luck :P

Ok if I use tools to make a mitre box for the hacksaw?

OMG, is a miter box powered? I don’t care if you make a miter box or you buy a miter box… It’s a miter box, it’s allowed.

Cut the stuff "by eye". Tongue OutLaughing

My thread is there .
I’m already quite curious about all the cool things people will come up with!
(And hope I will not embarrass myself to much mith my handicrafting skills. A 5 years old would be proud! :P)

Got a good head-start on my build, updated my thread with a few initial pics.

With this weather, I think I’ll get a fair bit more done on it today….

…unless I :beer: too much lol.

Boy I hope everyone is visiting the build threads. There is some awesome stuff going on around here!! Cool

I am so glad to see some really great hand made lights being done, but where are the machine made guys? Haven't heard a whisper out of 'em.Wink

They will wait until the last day and let the machines do all the work! :p

Just kiddin guys! My idea don't seem so cool after Marvin the Martians ray gun and the stack of d's host...

Make your build. Everyone's build will be different. Can't worry about what "the other guy" is doing, just do your thing and it will be unique, because you made it.

I’m here. I cant get onto Photobucket at the moment. What the hand built guys are doing so far is more creative than 100 off me. I’ really diggin there ideas.

Two parts to every build.

  1. 1. Go crazy
  2. 2. Pull it off

I haven’t had anytime lately to even mod a light let alone scratch build one. Home renovations suck. But the least I can do is kick a few bucks over to OL for some prize money.Best of luck

DNF’s build.

Where are all the other mo-ods?

I’m half way through a switch that may or may not fit in the housing. Does that help. If no one else enters the machined section does that mean I’m world champion with an unfinished light?

I have heard nothing more of the other contestants. I am hoping some of them will be able to do something in the first part of July. I do hope that the machine made guys come out with their threads. I think there may be a couple of last minute guys posting threads on the last day. I hope not, but it may happen.

I am working on a seller to sponsor with some prizes for possible second or third places, so everyone who is signed up, should try to get their mod done. They might win a gift certificate at least. I said "might", but it looks positive so far. Just working out some details.

I am afraid now that my build will not even start before the deadline of the contest. My holidays start exactly the 16th of july, I hope I will have time then. I will do the build and make a thread on it though . But no contest for me unfortunately

You can only do what you do when you can do it. Enjoy the holidays.

I hope to get mine started this weekend. I still have some issues with a switch, and have no lens for it yet. I’ll probably just cut a piece of plexi for now.