The BLF Get-in-Shape Thread: (formerly, "A Newer, Thinner Rusty" Thread)....

Thanks, all.

Now, I’m eating to maintain, and it takes a lot of effort to fill up! Never thought I’d struggle with that.

And no, I won’t be going back to multiple meals. This is far too satisfying.

Rusty I want to congratulate on a huge accomplishment, I have been trying joined a gym a year ago watch what I eat and no luck one of my specialist want me to get a gastric sleeve , my primary doesn’t because he has seen a lot of complications with type 1 diabetics I also have had one knee replacement and putting of the other as long as humanly possible so I understand what a great accomplishment you have made! You sir are true inspiration to me!


well done!

Congrats! Glad you found a way that works for you. That’s just the point, there’s no universal answer for everybody, you gotta find one that just fits your own style. We’re humans, not mass produced 501Bs. :slight_smile:

What a HUGE accomplishment mate. Gratz to you and I hope you continue on this track. You lost more weight than I weight :stuck_out_tongue:

I took about 7-8 months to shed 7 pounds. I had no intention of shedding anything but it just happened…. From 143 to 136.

To those concerned, no, I am not having to “keep on” or “fight” staying on the path. The change has set and I doubt I will ever go back to multiple meals. For the first time in my life, I’m not thinking about food all day!

The challenge is now - no joke - getting enough to eat in one meal to maintain! Seriously, it’s a challenge I never thought I’d face! And what a challenge!

Good effort Rusty Joe. You are to be commended on this achievement. The kids will have a ball messing around with this new guy.

Awesome Rusty!!!

Just walk as far as that SP03 will throw each day and you will never have to worry again. :wink:

So youre 1/2 or 1/3 the man you used to be, awesome stuff.

Keep it going and don’t give a f* about anybody who is trying to talk you out of your way.
There are tons of possible ways, neither is better.
You found your way which is working.

Keep going and don’t slack off your whole entire life. This is something just achieved with a complete change of your mindset but as I see this already happened to you and might be the reason you’re now successful.

I’m from Germany and here we’re right now facing the first wave of obesity I call it “the american way”.

My personal opinion is that you can boil it down to sugar. All the sugar and especially the high corn sirup which is added to all processed food is in my opinion the beginning of the end… It doesn’t mean that you should avoid it, you just should not consume it vast quantities. It’s always the raw amount you’re consuming. Problem is, that this sugar/sirup is added to the food to seduce you to eat more. (Salt is also something you should be aware of!)

When I was in NYC last year, I was amazed what food you’re getting in NYC. It’s possible to eat healthy but it’s way more difficult than in Germany.
Now think of NYC as one of the “healthier” cities…

Dunno what to do but the food producing companies are going crazy in the states (my opinion) and I don’t know if regulation might be a possible option.

Edit: One example in NYC: We ordered two bagels with cream cheese. In the end we thought about ordering one bagel with cream cheese and three plain ones. The cream cheese would be sufficient for four bagels. :party: For me and my wife, NYC could be cheap, just order one regular one and three plain something and you have your meal! :bigsmile:
The portions are ginormous!!! Never ever seen such big ice cream buckets, Coke bottles and so on. What one person in the USA is consuming should be enough to feed two persons here in Germany. :open_mouth: (And we’re also not third world)
BTW, I’ve been a little fatter as a kid, started to do sports and kept my weight always below 75kg/165lb at a height of 1,75m/5,7ft. Right now I’m excercising at least three times a week in a gym just with small weights and my bodyweight and doing more freestyle stuff. So the weight and the problems with it are way bigger in the US as here in Germany albeit it’s starting here also…

Americans love regulation.

Yep. It’s a “sugardemic” over here. I’d still never be thin if it weren’t for the artificial sweeteners, I tell ya.

Congrats, RJ. that’s a great achievement.

Congrats man, keep up the hard work. :beer:

Good work. Sounds like you were battling alot more than just extra weight. Thats a heck of a fight.

New body?? Well perhaps a new forum Handle is in order too? Hows about: Rusty Joe 2.0 8)

It wasn’t as hard as everybody thinks, but I might seriously get Admin to change it to that or maybe Rusty2! :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations Rusty! Amazing turnaround.

I've been struggling with my weight for decades. I'm reading the approach you took and am seriously considering giving it a shot.

Thank you bro.

Well done, Rusty!
Looks great and I bet it feels even better! :slight_smile:
I lost only ~30lbs and the gain in ‘mobility’ alone was worth every darn craving I had. Can’t imagine what it is like to almost half one’s weight. :slight_smile:

Sometimes I think it is because actual cooking is somewhat of an ‘lost art’ in the younger generations.
People think making decent food has to be difficult, time consuming and/or expensive. So they stuff themselves with that ready-to-eat or fast-food stuff.
I recall fellow students in college who lived on instant-ramen, snickers bars and energy drinks almost exclusively because they ‘had no time’. They were always amazed how I managed to bring freshly baked bread rolls all the time. (Big deal - make moist doe 2 times a week, takes 10 minutes. Throw rolls in oven before showering in the morning, takes one minute. )
Add chips, soft drinks, candy, beer and a mainly sitting work day to that . . .

Congrats on your weight loss! You look great!