The BLF Get-in-Shape Thread: (formerly, "A Newer, Thinner Rusty" Thread)....

Same here…full 24hrs done…not as bad as I had thought

Not a diet…going to change how I eat, I have tried EVERYTHING and failed, lets see if just eating once a day instead of snacking, meals, munching and crunching will have any effect on my metabolism (if you call it that…I can think of cake and gain 5 pounds!)

I have increased my water consumption…any time I feel a hunger pang I slug at least 12oz of water…it helps

Oh it will work. It can’t not work because of simple physics. Just don’t get talked or psyched out of it. Remember to include teas and coffees, especially teas. They literally promote fat burn and supress appetite.

Great job Rusty! I’ve lost 50 myself, but mostly doing maintenance weight training, hikes and decreasing processed food intake, more fresh food, higher protein ratios. Definitely not a fan of one meal per day, but to each his own, whatever works on your quest is golden. Flashlights have actually helped me in this quest a lot: this is actually how I started into LED flashlights, I use them to allow me to walk my dogs at night, so when other activities take up my daylight hours, its no excuse not to be active still. Plus, I get to play with all my cool lights. :wink:

Great job Rusty Joe, that’s awesome.

Great to have someone (In addition to our leader Rusty) with me WarHawk. Like you, I have tried most of the different approaches without long term success.

My blood sugar was better this morning 98. It actually did pretty good yesterday after such a big meal. 123 2 hours after eating. Normally, that much food would elevate my blood sugar quite a bit. Only lost a pound from yesterday. I know, I know, not supposed to weigh daily.

Hunger has not been an issue. I get hungry an hour or two before eating. I find myself "wanting" to eat at times, but I can now differentiate between hunger and wanting. The worst time for me is after work when I get home. I just pretend there is no food around to eat and get busy on something.

A nice surprise is that I feel like I have been freed to certain degree. Didn't realize how much of my life centered around eating regularly. Energy is definitely higher too. It's a big lifestyle change. So far so good.

EDIT: Congrats on pulling off 50 lbs B42. Before this I was down about 40 pounds from my peak, but stuck.

Trying it starting today. Had a big breakfast, not particularly healthy, and don't plan to eat again until tomorrow morning.

I think a window of eating, from 8 to 12 is good... can't function without a breakfast/lunch, but skipping dinner shouldn't be as hard.

started 2 days ago on my own version of your diet plan… down 3 lbs… it’s a small victory but a victory none the less.

For anyone who would like to add me on My Fitness Pal my username is Stratapastor

Cool. So 4 of us are trying this:

  • WarHawk-AVG
  • InfinitusEquitas - Breakfast/Lunch meal window
  • Acousticranger
  • Myself - Lunch is my meal window

May I ask what mods you have made to the plan Acousticranger? Since it's summer and I lose a lot of fluids when I work outside, I'm thinking of adding a banana or orange in the morning and/or evening to replenish potassium as needed. My wife told me this plan is similar to a plan called the Warrior Diet (or something like that). It seems possible the Warrior Diet has it's roots in this diet as this diet has been around longer (I think). Anyway, the Warrior Diet has one meal in the evening allows small snacks earlier in the day.

I'm down to 282 this morning. And that's after eating a big meal yesterday. Blood sugar readings are looking pretty good now. Even after I eating my bigger than average meals. Cravings are starting to pass faster now too.

Good work Mr Joe
Intermittent fasting
I have been doing it for about 3 yrs. I feel great and I work out fasting.
no processed food, good nutrients and no sugar or corn.

For those who are unsure if they are eating to much or to little and are not afraid of some numbers, a tool like fatsecret might be useful. Even if you don’t want to participate in this plan here, you can identify the source of your energy excess. You’ll have to log every single snack honestly, though. No cheating! :wink:
They already have a very large database for food and it’s easy to add own products. They even have a mobile app with barcode scanner to log stuff during the day.
If you log energy intake and your activities honestly and set a realistic calorie budget for your day, you can easily set a calorie deficit to lose weight.
I, for example, maintained a steady deficit of 500kcal/day. That will burn about a pound every week. May not sound impressive, but the thing is: high deficits over an extended time easily lead to starvation symptoms. You’ll lose muscle mass, feel crappy and eventually end the diet. After that, you’ll often gain more weight than you started with. It’s the typical result of those crappy women’s magazine’s diet plans that promise you 10 pounds in a week. 500kcal almost anyone can do. Usually without to much exercise, worries, medical supervision or big leftover skin flaps.
So even if you don’t want to go the hardcore way like those brave people here, give it a try. :wink:

For those interested, the book is called The Warrior Diet by Ori Hoffmekler and I got it and read it about six months ago since I’d heard it was about the same as what I had discovered on my own…

This is a very, very old plan, as stated - as old as humans have been humans - with the newer measures being johnny-come-latelys to the diet world. Yes, Ori’s is basically the same as mine, only my plan is much more structured, reserved for the morbidly obese who need to lose a bit faster than others and who struggle with metabolic complications.

I structured my plan to account for insulin resistance, pituitary issues, and those who won’t jump into “eating right” mode, as well as for bingers who need a little extra help in the beginning. I was a binger, a compulsive eater who would eat until I thought I was going to have a stroke. So I put this together to be simple and fail-safe, as a last-ditch measure at a normal life. That is why my version of the plan is more tailored to the broken, to the sedentary, to those who have been totally defeated by years and years of losing control and have given up like I had. I was so out of shape at first that just getting up and walking around was about all I could do. Two flights of stairs had me beat, like totally whipped. If someone had told me then to start eating fruit, I’d have wanted to cuss them out. I was that desperate, so I put this together and tested it and chronicled it into what you’ve been made a part of.

But that is my only real gripe with Hoffmekler’s book…it’s tailored for the active people who just need to lose a few pounds to firm the waist. He just doesn’t address the problem people who most need to benefit from it. The writing style is okay, but he speaks only to that audience for almost the whole way through. But to offset that, he goes into great historical detail on OMAD as it was practiced by elite Roman soldiers and Macedonian and Grecian meals and eating habits. Really good information, it is. I do recommend it.

The truth is, eating better and exercising are just WAY OFF for some people. You add those in after months of getting comfortable with the change. And it’s natural at that point, never forced. But by all means, tailor the plan to your liking. You’ll still kick butt and take names, so to speak. Like me, Ori talks all the time in his articles about how hard it is to keep his bodyweight up. I have now taken up strength-training and running and the firming-up process is yielding noticeable improvements almost every day. Every other workout, I’m going up 10 lbs in what I can lift and can sustain my level of activity longer.

And as you guys who have started are seeing, it’s amazing how much time non-OMADers spend per day just eating and digesting their food! You always have more day with one meal.

Congratulations, and good job!


I have been drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 16oz of water as soon as I get home (one right before bed, and one right as soon as I wake up)…I too have the exact same “wanting” to eat on the drive home from work. I have noticed my energy level higher AND that it no longer takes me 3 hours to “wake up and get going” after I wake up (I work nights so my day is flipped upside down from everyone elses) and getting up and functioning took hours…

3 days in and I already feel a difference…no longer sluggish that “heavy” feeling that drags me down

Rusty says that teas really help…might get my wife to get me a box of those green herbal teas and stuff and try them, and yeah wheeler…so far so good here too

P.S. any time I have a “craving” or hunger pang…I slug at least 12oz of water…gulp it down, it usually helps for an hour or two plus if I don’t dwell on the feeling it takes about 5-10 minutes for it to go away on it’s own…but that “wanna chew on your desk you want food now” feeling sucks!

Well Done!

The biggest thing was…all the rest of my “diets” I have thought/considered/convinced myself these were that “diets”
After a while I would get demotivated or lackadaisical and slide back putting back on the weight (or even more usually)

This go around I have told myself this ISN’T a diet and this is how I am going to eat from now on, changing the way I eat permanently
I guess with that mindset it makes it easier to push thru the hunger pangs/feeling of wanting to eat

It’s still early to do the happy dance…but unlike the others before I am not looking forward to “getting off of it” this time I am looking forward to pushing further

Question for you guys. I usually try to watch myself, and stop eating before I'm "full". Outside of rare occasions, I really don't binge much.

My problem is, I had a big, decent sized breakfast at 9am, I estimate somewhat under 1000 calories. Thing is by about 4:30-5 I'm getting hungry. Based on all a couple of the calculators out there, with about 3000 calories I'm not gaining or losing. Cutting down by more than half is not working for me.

The question is this. How are you cramming in 1500-2000 calories into one meal, without feeling like it's just too much?

No…eat a regular meal…large meal until you are full
No need to leave the table hungry…make sure you are satisfied (don’t eat till you pop but don’t not not eat)

I ate like a moose before…I literally could eat 2-3x as much as anyone else, hoping my stomach shrinks down a bit as well!

Drink water to help get rid of the “hunger” and/or some tea/coffee (0-calorie drinks)


Whoa, 1000 calories is not enough. You might be interested in that Warrior Diet plan. May be a better match for you. Maybe not since the main meal is in the evening.

Like WarHawk, I'm a big eater. So eating a big meal is easy for me. I do find that I am getting full on less food yesterday and today. I actually forced my self to eat more than I wanted, but not so much that I would feel sick. I think I am actually eating more than I should, but I can adjust that down slightly as I get a better feel for this system.


Tea has been making a big difference for me. I think it has been a big part of making this work for me. Tea has good nutrients in it too. I just put a bag in my glass of water and let it cold steep. After several refills, I replace the bag.

EDIT: Clarified wording above and added more content.

This will be my last daily report. I'm going to go to weekly reporting after my weekly weighing.

Didn't lose any weight from yesterday. Expected this to happen soon as I lost so much the first few days. I feel so much better in so many ways. This looks like it will be a life changer for me. Actually, life giver as I've been on an accelerated path to my grave.


This plan is feeling more doable every day. I don't know if the cravings are decreasing or if I'm not letting them hang out in my conscience. I can't tell you how much of my life has been thinking I'm hungry, debating about eating something, eating something, and then feeling guilty about it (both during and as I ate).

Now, I eat as much and whatever I want once day without guilt. Actually, I'm eating more than I want, but will cut back slowly as I shed my psychological dependency on food security. It's so much more fun and enjoyable to eat now. The rest of the day is not for food and I love it. I am also finding myself craving better foods. That part actually started happening on day 2.

I agree with you, you plan does seem to be a fail safe. Thank you again bro.

Well, it will be one week on Rusty's plan in a few hours and I feel great. Weighed 279 this morning. That's a whopping 16 lbs lighter. I'm sure most of this weight was water in the first couple days. I think much of the feeling better is the reduced load on my digestive system. Blood sugar levels are so stable, even after meals. I think it's because the excess gluclose from the meal is getting replenished in the liver stores. May also be that my pancreas only has to excrete insulin once a day now. I use to regularly fall asleep on the couch in the evenings after dinner. Since day 2, I haven't.

I had my concerns and doubts about Rusty's approach at first, but something about it resonated with me. It makes sense since most of human history we have not been able to eat 5 nice small meals each day. And what Rusty says is true. It takes much more discipline to eat many small meals than to just eat one big meal each day. The cravings only last for minutes and diminish as the days pass.

The biggest difference is that I now feel full long after a meal. I use to get "hungry" sometimes less than an hour after eating a big meal. And, I no longer get "Hangry", as my wife says I do so well.

I'm not totally to the "I can do this" stage yet, but I've had many moments in the last couple days where I felt that way. I hope that I can accomplish what Rusty has. I want this to be a permanent life style change.

EDIT: Sorry had a few updates. Done now.