The Convoy meLd 4 (Modified Convoy L4 with RGBW and MELD driver)

After a lot of planning I finnaly made the light i wanted for so long. A RGBW Convoy L4.
From the first light i modded i have wanted to build a RGB light but with my limited skills and tools it was hard to do at the time.
Until i stumbled upon a video of Everett aka tterev3 on BLF.
It took me over a year to finnaly attempt this Build.
I bought a Meld driver board and a FR4 board from Everett (Really great guy by the way) and a XP-L V6 2C on a Noctigon.

After i got the driver and FR4 board from Everett i tested the leds and found out the blue led was broken, it must have been damaged in shipping.
I told Everett about it and he immediately sent a replacement.

I started with taking apart the Convoy L4.
If im not mistaken the older L4’s came with a stacked driver, i could be wrong, the driver must have gotten an upgrade.

I dived right into the driver and desolderd everthing from the driver except the switch.
i could not get the board as clean as i wanted but heck its was done fast and went pretty easy.

for the XP-L led i wanted to use a linear regulater because the Meld driver can only drive at 1.5A and i wanted a little more.
I tried a 105C clone but could not get it to work, which wasnt that much of a problem because it would not have fitted anyway.
instead I stacked 7 AMC7135’s (380mA bin) to get 2.6A to the XP-L.

I connected everything and it lit up without any problems.

Next i put everything in the head. It was a real struggle to get all the wires through the holes. the integrated pill of the L4 made it even harder.

I used Everett’s metal core technique for the FR4 board so i was able to use the Noctigon.
Soldered all the wires to the ledboard, again this was not easy because of the integrated pill of the L4
(Forgot to take pictures)
Installed the battery and hurray the light worked!!

The XP-L surrounded by the RGB leds. (Not that clear because of the PWM)

XP-L Beamshot. i was really surpriced at how the beam came out, it sits a little low in the reflector but the spot is still really nice.

and the RGB’s.

The Meld driver has a small learning curve to get to know all the modes but once you get to know them its really handy.
From all the lights i build this one is my favorite, and i sure it will stay my nr1 for a long, long time.

I hope you enjoyed reading this thread.


Speacial Thanks to Everett.

This looks awesome! So glad to see a successful installation!

Very nice mod. I have trouble getting one led to light up let alone four.

I enjoyed everett’s youtube videos a lot and I am fascinated by his builds. Your mod is equally amazing; a very unique flashlight. congrats.

Nice! Your light is much larger than my custom light by Everett, an Olight S10 :bigsmile: Amazing UI. You didn’t want the UV emitter also?

no i did not go wit the UV led. it was already a pricy light :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the kind words…

Wow!! This is an awesome mod.
I tried a similar but less complicated mod with a XM-l rgbw and the multi-color driver from Mtn about a year ago but had crazy grounding issues and erratic behavior.
Just couldn’t get it to work with such a tight space for all those wires.

But this set up is awesome. that driver is beautiful. :wink:
Very well done, and your photos are very inspiring.
Thank you for posting.