The Danger Zone.

Being that I am new to Litium Ion batteries, just trying to bone up on them. First I currently only buy ’ protected ’ batteries. Is there any circumstances where ’ unprotected ’. Would have an advantage? Being that my lights ( Step down ) when the batteries are low. Step down combined with protected batteries should be pretty safe right? What low voltage could be considered dangerous on Lithium Ion batteries? Of the material I have read. The batteries can possibly be problematic if drained too far.

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Most obvious advantage is when space is short and they are the only ones to fit. I have unprotected Panasonics and use them in almost all of my lights. They are great cells and really put out the juice. Some protected cells can have circuits that trip off under high draw. Unprotected wont. Use quality cells and monitor them and I see no issue with them.

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Nope, me too

When I need a high-current cell, I go with IMRs. Otherwise I stick with protected cells, but I'm kind of a wuss (I also don't have low voltage battery warnings built into my drivers).

Unprotected are handy in dive lights. You don’t want the light to turn off abruptly when you are deep down…


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