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Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Bulb

Price:$10.99 FREE shipping

Nitecore® XM-L T6 LED Flashlights


Brand : Nitecore®
Model : TM26
Mode : 5
Battery Type : 26650, 18650
Total Batteries : 3
Emitter : Cree XM-L T6
Feature : Rechargeable, Waterproof, With Tripod, Dimmable, Super Light, Compact Size
Application : Outdoor, Hunting, Cycling/Bike, Camping/Hiking/Caving
Body Color : Black
Body Material : Stainless steel, Aluminum alloy
Maximum Brightness (lumens) : 4000
Brightness (lumens) : 1501 lumens or more
Range Distance (m) : 200-500
Waterproof Level : IPX-8

Trustfire® LED Flashlights


-Brand : Trustfire®
-Switch Mode : 5 (High > Mid > Low > Strobe > SOS)
-Feature : Rechargeable, Waterproof
-Application : Multifunction, Camping/Hiking/Caving
-Body Color : Black
-Body Material : Aluminum alloy
-Maximum Brightness (lumens) : 8000
-Brightness (lumens) : 1501 lumens or more
-Dimension(cm) : 30.5 * 6.3 * 3.9
-Batteries Included? : No
-Range Distance (m) : 200-500
-Distance (m) : 200
-Net Weight (kg) : 0.648

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LED Bicycle Light

Nitecore® LED Flashlights


Brand Nitecore®
Model TUBE
Maximum Brightness (lumens) 45
Brightness (lumens) 1501 lumens or more, Lower than 400 lumens
Runtime (Hr.) 48h
Dimension(cm) 5.65x2.1x0.8
Range Distance (m) 50 or lower
Light Color White
Net Weight (kg) 0.0096
Package Content 1 Keychain, 1 Flashlight

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5000 Lumens Bike Lights / Front Bike


-Light Bulb Type : LED
-Power Source : Battery
-Emitter : Cree XM-L T6
-Total Emitters : 2
-Mode : 4
-Switch Mode : 4 (High >Low > Strobe > SOS)
-Maximum Brightness (lumens) : 5000
-Brightness (lumens) : 1501 lumens or more
-Runtime (Hr.) : 8
-Dimension(cm) : 15*10*8
-Distance (m) : 60
-Zoomable : No
-Range Distance (m) : 51-99
-Package Content : 1 Battery Charger, 1 Battery, 1 Headlamp, 2 O-ring
-Laser Safety Class : T6


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$1.49 after Coupon:OZB10727304 FREE SHIPPING
Lights 5000 Lumens Headlamps


-Type : Headlamps, Bike Lights
-Light Bulb Type : LED
-Power Source : Battery
-Battery Type : 18650
-Total Batteries : 2
-Emitter : Cree XM-L T6
-Total Emitters : 3
-Brand : Lights
-Model : LS052
-Mode : 4
-Switch Mode : 4 (High > Mid > Low > Strobe)
-Voltage (V) : 7.2-8.4
-Maximum Brightness (lumens) : 5000
-Brightness (lumens) : 1501 lumens or more
-Runtime (Hr.) : 2-4h
-Set Of : A:5000lm+T6+Batteries+AC Charge+Car Charger
-Dimension(cm) : 8.3x5.8x4.5
-Waterproof Level : IPX-3
-Range Distance (m) : 501 or farther

Flash sale:
$1.49 after Coupon:OZB10727304 FREE SHIPPING
Lights XM-L2 T6
4000 Lumens 5 Mode Cree XM-L2 T6 18650Adjustable Focus / Waterproof / Rechargeable / Impact Resistant


-Brand : Lights
-Model : ZK60
-Mode : 5
-Power Source vBattery
-Battery Type : 18650
-Total Batteries : 2
-Emitter : Cree XM-L2 T6
-Total Emitters : 1
-Switch Mode : 5 (High > Mid > Low > Strobe > SOS)
-Maximum Brightness (lumens) : 4000
-Brightness (lumens) : 1501 lumens or more
-Runtime (Hr.) : 2-6
-Dimension(cm) : 19.8x3.9x3.4
-Range Distance (m) : 200-500
-Zoomable : Yes
-Waterproof Level : IPX-8

11-11 Mega Sale:
Flash sale:
$1.49 after Coupon:OZB10727304 FREE SHIPPING
Scuba Diving Flashlight
Underwater 200m 8000LM 4xXM-L2 LED


-Light Bulb Type : LED
-Power Source : Battery
-Battery Type : 26650
-Emitter : XM-L2 U2
-Brand : Lights
-Mode : 1
-Feature : Super Light, Waterproof
-Maximum Brightness (lumens) : 8000
-Dimension(cm) : 21-6-4
-Batteries Included? : Yes
-Waterproof Level : IPX-8
-Note : Batteries included

11-11 Mega Sale:

3000Lm XM-L T6 LED Headlamp


Type : Front Bike Light, Bike Lights, Headlamps
Light Bulb Type : LED
Power Source : Battery
Battery Type : 18650
Emitter Cree vXM-L T6
Brand : Lights
Mode : 1
Application : Multifunction, Traveling, Hunting, Camping/Hiking/Caving
Body Material : Metal, Rubber
Maximum Brightness (lumens) : 3000
Dimension(cm) : 7-4-4

11-11 Mega Sale:

LT 2 Mode 6000 Lumens LED Flashlights


-Power Source : Battery
-Battery Type : 18650
-Emitter Cree : XM-L2
-Total Emitters : 3
-Brand : Lights
-Model : 2
-Maximum Brightness (lumens) : 6000
-Brightness (lumens) : 1501 lumens or more
-Runtime (Hr.) : 3
-Range Distance (m) : 501 or farther
-Waterproof Level : IPX-6K
-Distance (m) : 800
-Note : Batteries included
-Size : 395 nm

11-11 Mega Sale:

JD301 Beam Laser Pointers Pen


-Function : For Outdoor Sporting, For Astronomers
-Wave Length Range : 532nm
-Shape : Pen Shaped
-Power Supply : 100~240 V
-Operation Voltage(V) : 3.7
-Working Temperature (degree) : +15℃ ~ +35℃
-Power : 18650, Chargeable
-Package : Power adaptor, Laser Pointer, Battery

11-11 Mega Sale:

Nitecore TM26GT LED Flashlights
3500 Lumens 5 Mode Cree 18650 Dimmable / Rechargeable / Compact SizeCamping/Hiking/Caving / Everyday


Brand: Nitecore
Model: TM26GT
Beads Number: 4
Lamp Beads: Cree XP-L HI
Mode: 8(Turbo - High - Mid - Low - Ultra Low - SOS - Strobe - Location Beacon)
Lumens Range: >3000 Lumens
Luminous Flux: 3500Lm
Luminous Intensity: 124000cd
Feature: Stainless Steel Bezel,Lanyard,Power Indicator,OLED Screen,Standard Tripod Connector
Battery Type: 18650,CR123A
Battery Quantity: 4 x 18650 / 8 x CR123A battery (not included)
Rechargeable: Yes
Waterproof Standard: IPX-8 Standard Waterproof (Underwater 2m)

11-11 Mega Sale:

Nitecore R25 LED Flashlights
800 Lumens 4 Mode Cree 18650 Impact Resistant / Super Light / Compact SizeCamping/Hiking/Caving /


NITECORE i4 Battery Charger

-Main Features:
-Brand: Nitecore
-Type: Charger
-Model: Intellicharger i4
-Plug: US adapter
-Charging Cell Type: NiCd,Ni-MH,Lithium Ion
-Compatible: C,AA,AAA,18650,26650,14500,17670,10440,AAAA,18490,22650,17500,17335,16340 (RCR123)
-Rechargeable Battery Qty: 4
-Input Voltage: DC 12V,AC 100~240V 50/60HZ
Output Voltage: 4.2V + / 1pct, 1.48V + / - 1pct

Xiaomi® 3D VR NEW ARRIVAL Presale!
From 30/10/2016 to 10/12/2016
Price:$42.99 (Rank:1st-100th buyer)/Price:$49.99 (Rank:101th-250th buyer)—Free Postal Service Tracking
Price:$59.99 (Rank:250th-400th buyer)/Price:$69.99 (Rank:250th-400th buyer)—Free Postal Service

Oct.31 “Handheld Flashlights/Front Bike Light”
4 mode super mini bicycle front lights cycling flashlight waterproof USB rechargeable battery bicycle accessories”



  1. USB charging with lower battery alert / overcharing protection
  2. IPX3 waterproof
  3. LED backlight botton
  4. 18650 battery and clip (sold esperately, check “option picture” )
    5 V6-400 / V6 –200 two modes. ( V6-400 is brighter than V6-200 )
  5. 4 flash mode
  6. Aerospace aluminum alloy 6063 body.
  7. XI G II beads ( very bright )
  8. Heat radiation groove

Xiaomi® 3D VR NEW ARRIVAL Presale!
From 30/10/2016 to 10/12/2016
Price:$42.99 Free Postal Service - Tracking (Rank:1st-100th buyer)
Price:$49.99 Free Postal Service - Tracking(Rank:101th-250th buyer)
Price:$59.99 Free Postal Service(Rank:250th-400th buyer)
Price:$69.99 Free Postal Service(Rank:250th-400th buyer)

Brand: XiaoMi
Compatible with: Smartphones
Smartphone Compatibility: 5.0 - 5.7 inch
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V4.0
FOV Range: 90 - 110 degree
FOV: 103 degree
IPD Adjustment: No
IPD (Interpupillary distance): No
Focus Adjustment: Yes
Space for Glasses: No
Primary Button Type: Remote Control
Games support: No
Package Contents: 1 x VR Glasses, 1 x Remote Controller, 2 x AAA Battery

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Lights LED Flashlights Limited Quantity
$2.99 after Coupon:OZB10187670”
OUKITEL A58 Smart Watch
$37.99 (FREE SHIPPING Limited Quantity)”

Oct.30 “Nitecore EC25 LED Flashlights””


-Light Bulb Type LED
-Battery Type 18650
-Emitter Cree
-Brand Nitecore®
-Mode 5
-Feature Super Light, Compact Size, Impact Resistant
-Application Everyday Use, Camping/Hiking/Caving, Multifunction
-Body Material Aluminum alloy
-Maximum Brightness (lumens) 860

Flash sales :
Lights LED Flashlights Limited Quantity
$2.99 after Coupon:OZB10187670”
OUKITEL A58 Smart Watch
$37.99 (FREE SHIPPING Limited Quantity)”

Oct.28 “KLARUS Lights LED Flashlights””


-Brand: KLARUS
-Model: XT11S
-Lamp Beads: Cree XP-L HI V3
-Beads Number: 1
-Lumens Range: 500-1000Lumens
-Luminous Flux: 1100LM
-Luminous Intensity: 27225cd
-Color Temperature: 6500-7000K
-Switch Type: Clicky,Tactical Switch
-Switch Location: Side Switch,Tail Cap
-Feature: Anti-Roll Rugged Design,Dual Tail Switch,Integrated Heat Dissipation Design,Lock-out Function,Pocket Clip,Power Indicator,Reverse -Polarity Protection,Stainless Steel Bezel,Tactical Ring
-Function: Camping,EDC,Hiking,Household Use,Night Riding,Walking
-Battery Type: 18650,CR123A
-Battery Quantity: 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123A batteries (18650 included)
Mode: 6(Turbo High - Mid - Low - Strobe - SOS)
-Mode Memory: Yes
-Rechargeable: Yes
-Waterproof Standard: IPX-8 Standard Waterproof (Underwater 2m)
-LED Lifespan: 50000h

Oct.27 “Nitecore® LED Flashlights””


-Emitter Cree XM-L T6
-Total Emitters 1
-Model A100
-Mode 5
-Switch Mode 5 (High > Mid > Low > Strobe > SOS)
-Feature Nonslip grip, Rechargeable, Waterproof
-Maximum Brightness (lumens) 2000/1200/1600
-Brightness (lumens) 1501 lumens or more, 1000-1500 lumens
-Set Of G:2000lm+T6+Batteries+Battery Chager, K:1600lm+T6+Batteries+Battery Chager, J:1200lm+T6
-Distance (m) 200-500
-Batteries Included? Yes
-Range Distance (m) 200-500
-Business inquiry from LightInTheBox

Oct.26 “Ultrafire® Handheld Flashlights””

-Light Bulb Type —LED
-Power Source —Battery
-Battery Type —AAA, 18650
-Total Batteries —1
-Emitter —XM-L2 T6
-Total Emitters —1
-Brand —Ultrafire®
-Switch Mode —5 (High > Mid > Low > Strobe > SOS)
-Feature —Nonslip grip, Rechargeable, Waterproof, Adjustable Focus, Self-Defense, Strike Bezel
-Application —Driving, Traveling, Hunting, Cycling/Bike, Everyday Use, Camping/Hiking/Caving, Working
-Body Color —Grey
-Body Material —Aluminum alloy
-Voltage (V) —3.7
-Maximum Brightness (lumens) —1000/1200/2000
-Brightness (lumens) —1000-1500 lumens
-Runtime (Hr.) —2~4
-Set Of —U:1000lm+T6+Batteries+AC Charger, T:2000lm+T6+Batteries+AC Charge+Car Charger, J:1200lm+T6

Oct.25 “Nitecore Headlamps HC50””

· Powered by a single 18650 lithium-ion battery for up to 565 lumens of output
· All metal high-performance dual-beam headlamp
· Utilizes a premium XM-L2 (T6) LED
· Integrated red/green power indicator light displays remaining battery power (patented)
· Power indicator secondary function displays battery voltage accurate to 0.1V
· High-efficiency circuit provides up to 400 hours of runtime
· A custom catoptrics-based system produces an extremely wide 100° beam angle
· Light housing provides 90° vertical movement to eliminate illumination dead-zones
· Direct access to red light mode with a runtime of up to 145 hours
· Innovative single button two-stage switch is remarkably user-friendly (patented)
· Integrated temperature sensor and intelligent temperature control ensure stable and safe use
· High-efficiency regulation circuit provides unwavering output
· Rugged HAIII military grade hard-anodized
· Comfortable chafe-free and breathable nylon headband
· Waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 (two meters submersible)
· Impact resistant to 1.5 meters

Oct.24 “Lights Headlamps LED Flashlights””

-Battery Type:18650
-Total Batteries:2
-Emitter:Cree XM-L T6
-Total Emitters:3
-Switch Mode:4 (High > Mid > Low > Strobe)
-Feature:Strike Bezel, Rechargeable
-Application:Camping/Hiking/Caving, Traveling
-Body Material:Aluminum alloy
-Voltage (V):4.2
-Maximum Brightness (lumens):4000/3000/5000
-Brightness (lumens):1501 lumens or more
-Runtime (Hr.):3
-Set Of:Q:5000lm+T6+Batteries+Battery Chager, P:3000lm+T6+Batteries+Battery Chager

Oct.21 “Ultrafire® LED Flashlights”


-Battery Type:18650, AAA
-Total Batteries:1*18650
-Emitter:Cree XM-L T6
-Total Emitters:1* Emitter
-Switch Mode:3 (High > Mid > Low)
-Feature:Adjustable Focus, Strike Bezel, Nonslip grip, Impact Resistant, Rechargeable
-Body Material:Aluminum alloy
-Voltage (V):3.7v
-Maximum Brightness (lumens):2000
-Brightness (lumens):1501 lumens or more
-Runtime (Hr.):10 Hours

Oct.20 “Nitecore EA45S LED Flashlights””

-Unibody die-cast: By injecting molten aluminum, EA45S has 200pct the strength of any ordinary flashlights
8 modes: Turbo high - mid - low - ultra low - SOS - Strobe - Location Beacon
-IPX8 waterproof standard keeps the light from strong water splash, submerged up to 2m
-Optimized head diameter enables longer beam with Crystal Coating Technology
-Cree XP-L HI V3 LED balances output up to 1000 Lumens, max 402 beam distance
-Comfortable grip: Streamlined and ergonomic body design makes the EA45S extremely easy to grip
-Instant Turbo / ultra low modes for emergency use
-Powered by 4 x AA battery for longer runtime

Oct.19 “Headlamps LED Flashlights 3000 lumens Waterproof”

Body Material :ABS, Aluminum alloy
Maximum Brightness (lumens) :3000 lumens
Brightness (lumens) :1501 lumens or more
Runtime (Hr.) :6 hours
Dimension(cm) :15*10*10cm
Range Distance (m) :200-500
Distance (m) :500m
Zoomable :Yes
Waterproof Level :IPX-6
Recharging Time (h) :4-6 hours
Batteries Included? :Yes

Oct.17 “NITECORE 4 2800 Lumens Cree 18650 / Lithium Battery Dimmable / Rechargeable”

Type :LED Flashlights/Torch
Light Bulb Type :LED
Battery Type :Lithium Battery, 18650
Emitter :Cree
Brand :Nitecore®
Mode :4
Feature :Dimmable, Compact Size, Rechargeable
Application :Outdoor, Everyday Use, Camping/Hiking/Caving
Body Material :Aluminum alloy
Maximum Brightness (lumens) :2800
Range Distance (m) :200-500

Oct.9 NITECORE TM06 3800 Lumens High Power Tactical 4XCREE XM-L2 U2 LED Flashlight Torch (4X18650 ,Black)

Fair Celebration Price:139.99USD Regular Price:549.98USD

Brand: Nitecore
Model: TM06
Lamp Beads: Cree XM-L2
Beads Number: 4 x Cree XM-L2
Lumens Range: >1000Lumens
Luminous Flux: 3800Lm
Feature: Adjustable brightness,Stainless Steel Bezel,With Cone can break the glass and clay
Function: Camping,Hiking,Hunting,Walking,Night Riding,Exploring,Household Use,Seeking Survival
Battery Type: 18650
Battery Quantity: 4 x 18650 battery (not included)
Waterproof Standard: IPX-8 Standard Waterproof (Underwater 2m)

Sep.21 YWXLIGHT 12W E26/E27 Decoration Light T 64 SMD 4014 900-1000 lm Warm White

Sep.20 It has been almost 11 days when I come back from our Mid-autum festival :smiley:
LED Taschenlampen / Hand Taschenlampen LED 3 Modus 3000LM Lumeneinstellbarer Fokus
price: 7.99USD

Sep.9 LED Flashlights/Torch / Handheld Flashlights/Torch LED 5 Mode 1000/1200/2000 LumensAdjustable Focus / Waterproof


Sep.8 Headlamps / Bike Lights LED 4 Mode 5000 Lumens Waterproof
price:22.49 USD

Sep.7 TorchLED5Mode960LumensDimmable
price:49.99 USD


Sep.6 Hi friends,yesterday we received your message and I contacted our marketing team ASAP :blush:

Today I will show your 2 of our Nitecore flashlights
NITECORE TUBE 45 Lumens Mini Rechargeable USB LED Flashlight Torch

This one is only 16.14$ but it is not a new flashlight. We will show more new flashlight in about 1 week friends.

NITECORE EC21 460 Lumens Rechargeable Tactical CREE XP-G2 LED Flashlight Torch Light

This one is 59% OFF only 74.99USD now.

Sep.5 Have a good weekend friend, today we prepare a good item for you:

Pre Sale 1 pcs E27 12W 60×SMD 2835 1200LM 6000-6500K Cool White Corn Bulbs AC 220V

The price is only 11.89 USD,only 9 days left 8^)

The first one is LED Flashlight / Torch FX SK68 1-Mode

1-Mode CREE XR-E Q5 LED Flashlight

  • Portable 3W bright super mini torch
  • Zoom design, focus adjustable
  • Clip design allows you to easily carry with
  • Rotate its head, the light will be adjusted
  • Great friend while you are walking in the darkness
  • Good for outdoor activities and home use
  • Normal waterproof for dairy use
  • Made of metal material, very durable
  • Energy-saving, powered by 1 x AA battery (battery Not included)

By the way, our advantage is the shipping, the regular is 5-8 days, and the fast shipping is only 3-4 days. 8^)

Just a suggestion, if you’re looking for interest here, you should stock new flashlights from budget-medium range brands such as Olight, Klarus, Nitecore, Convoy, etc.

Hi RaVen, thanks so much for your message! I will improve it ASAP :((

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Thanksgiving SALE,SAVE UP TO 70% :“”

Sizzling Savings Season Sale UP TO 80% OFF

Flash sales
Lights LED Flashlights
$2.99 after OZB10187670”