The Dino-King of all Headlamps.

Just for fun. Found this while poking around Amazon.
If it was $10 cheaper, I’d be on it like a T-Rex on a lawyer!

The Amazon link doesn’t seem to want to work. Search for:
DinoBryte LED Headlamp - T-Rex

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Perfect for Halloween

I want this for running! :+1:

My boy would love that!

About to order it for our nephew(5yo). Lol I was trying to see what led it used. My woman said to just get it, haha.

When you get some of these.
We need a full review!
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That is just too cute, thank you for sharing!

This one is 10$ cheaper

Must… have… one.

But… must… resist!

Title of thread reminds me of the "Dino dung" flashlight that DinoDirect gave away years ago.

The flashlight was so worthless it earned that negative nickname.

I ordered it lmao. Anyway saw the cheaper one and it’s even cheaper on AliExpress or Bangood. Anyways, the cheaper one has three modes and two appear to be strobe with red LEDs for the eyes. Not to useful, so the costlier one was ordered.I then went on to order hand planes for woodworking on AliExpress since my test ordered showed in 12 days. I’ll report my thought late on the headlamp. One was listed at 6500k for the led. We will see.

I think I have a batman light where his head rocks back ?? somewhere .....Wait no it's a darth vader .Worth less T rash

Jurassic Park! Great for kids