The dual EDC

Why not make a light similar to the Emisar DT8, but with one of the heads swapped for a laser thrower, similar to the Thor 1?

What am I missing?

SPY Tri-V oh whoops this is BLF ;).

A bit pricey though (USD 8 000:-)

Not very practical either. The little flood emitter is completely exposed with no protective lens. Forget pocketing it as an edc unless you also use a lens cap or case.

I actually know of a couple people on a FB group that have EDC one of these for years and they have had zero issues.

If I had a light that was just as expensive as a vehicle not sure I would ever take it out of the safe lol.

They were always expensive, but not always THAT expensive. I think they were originally in the $1.5K range.

Of the “dual EDC” light in more practical terms, the Surefire A2 Aviator was very well regarded: it had a ring of LED’s for a flood beam, plus a regulated incandescent throw beam. I think there is an all-LED version of it now. It inspired the McGizmo Lunasol, which was also all LED.

Why not build something like a convoy s2 with a floody led on one end and a lep on the other, each with its own side switch?