The end of a less than illustrious collection of offshore knives.

I received my Sanrenmu GB 702 today… This is what it looks like….

I really have to pay attention. It’s my own fault. Here’s the 702 beside my CRKT.

What da h*ll am I gonna do with that? Trim Mrs. D’s toenails Maybe I can give it to one of my daughters for their purse? All these blades are under three inches Well, LOL… the upside? I have four more of these butter knives coming… I know what everyone is getting for Christmas.

Carry it like a backup inside your third (coin) pocket.


i would be willing to bet the CRKT is made by Sanrenmu

sniff sniff you smell that??? I smell bullsh*t

CRKT knives are made by Columbia River Knife & Tool, based in Tualatin, Oregon

Yeah, but I believe most of crkt stuff is made in China. It would be interesting to see who manufactures them.

search it, majority of them are made in taiwan, china and japan, just like buck and gerber and i am sure more "American" brands

neither the company (crkt in this case) or OEM company will admit it i am sure

I have owned CRKT knives before, not knocking them. but most, if not all, are made out of country

I have the CRKT in my hand & no where does it say where it was manufactured. I know CRKT is a subdivision of REI a big outdoor outfitter in Tualitin.

I did research…It told me Oregon

Just don’t ask me about Santa Claus.*%26_Tool”:*%26_Tool

Edit: This board doesn’t like the link, but from the Wiki:

“Though based in the United States most of its products are manufactured in China and Taiwan.”

And they wouldn’t be able to make them in Oregon at the price points they sell most of them anyway.


Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) is an American knife company established in 1994, and currently based in Tualatin, Oregon, United States. The company’s president and sales executive is Rod Bremer and the finance executive is Peggy Bremer.[1] Though based in the United States most of its products are manufactured in China and Taiwan.

It only said most!!! This one was made in America dammit!!! LOLOLOL

Thank you Racer… This little toy knife got me all messed up… I need a Margarita BBL

It’s a valid link, and the first link in the list when I google:

“where are crkt knives made”

This board doesn’t seem to handle the link right, for whatever reason. But believe it or don’t.

That doesn’t make them bad knives, and they are priced decently for what they are, which are budget knives.

It’s just too darn small. The blades on my multi-tools are bigger. ( The Sanrenmu 702 ) It really doesn’t matter. I know Mrs. D is gonna swipe this … It has brass accents. She loves copper & brass.

yeah, i wasnt knocking CRKT, i have or at least had a mirage... cant find it. i liked it a lot... think someone jacked a few of my blades at some point because i cant find my benchmade griptillian either...

That sucks! It seems like all these budget lights are under three inches… Guess I’m gonna have to move up to more pricey blades.

I think my Tenacious is over 3, and there’s a longer one than that … Persistence? Made in China but they rival their Japanese and American counterparts. Rumored to be made for Spyderco by SanRenMu.

Try somewhere like I’m positive they have some bigger folders.

Sounds like you are describing the Endura as your perfect knife :slight_smile: