The Fall/Winter 2013 season

I’ve thought about this for a while now and I have also thought about why I would even bother posting it, but my mouth usually gets the better of my common sense, as evidenced by my post count.Frown

I don’t have plans to do much in the way of modding from now on. There are several reasons for this. First and foremost is the overall economy and our dwindling home economy in particular.

Next is the fact that I have been at a crossroads here for a while. I have been hacking away at hand made mods for quite a while. I have done some things that I never thought I could do, but it’s at the point where I believe I would prefer well-made machined parts over handmade stuff. I just don’t have the interest in hand file work and hack jobs any more, when I feel that using really good machined components, that fit right, would make a much nicer light. The problem is, I can’t make machine parts and if I don’t make them myself, it will mean absolutely nothing to me.

Also I have found that I just don’t want to do any mods unless they are using the MT-G2 led. I am enamored with that led and it beats the hell out everything else there is, as far as I’m concerned. Ever since I did my first MT-G2 mod, anything else just looks weak. Even multiple XM-L lights just don’t get me going any more.

This means if I did any mods, they would end up being very expensive this year. Even if I were to do a simple 3D Mag with a good aftermarket reflector, an MT-G2 on Copper and an h6flex driver, with a machined Copper heat sink and a good switch, I’m looking at easily $100-$150 to build it and closer to $200-$250 to sell it. If I went into multiple MT-G2 mods…, well, the prices would be unbelievably high.

Unfortunately, I just don’t want to do the budget back door mods any more. They served a purpose, but things change. The problem is that making high dollar mods is difficult due to the costs and very likely out of reach all together. It’s a conundrum, (I had to look that up you know).Embarassed I can always back pedal and go back to budget mods, but I just don’t see myself doing that in the foreseeable future.Undecided

As a result of this, I plan on, (or, closer to the truth, I am hoping on), offering custom mods for a couple models of lights. I might have maybe 2 or 3 different lights to choose from and they could be ordered as custom. They would be modded from stock lights such as the D Maglite or an SRK, or some other stock light that is conducive to MT-G2 mods.

I also want to do some specialized flashlight coatings this year that have not been done before but they will also be very expensive as well. The costs will be prohibitive to most buyers and only people wanting an expensive one off from me, would want to buy one.

I am not ready to discuss more details about any custom lights, since I will have to find the funds to make some samples of the different styles and that might, will take some time, so I will let y’all know If/when I ever get to that stage. Theoretically it might happen, but realistically, I don’t think it will happen. Frown

I still plan on trying to do the giveaways as long as I can. As long as sellers want to donate lights for that purpose, I will continue to mod them and give them away. I have squirreled away several things for Xmas giveaways during the year and I am glad I did, as I should be getting the axe on Xmas this year and that should stop the giveaway part of my involvement here. I also plan on continuing with the yearly modding contest and I hope that it becomes an institution that will live well past my short time here.

This is the best flashlight place on the net as far as I am concerned. I am proud to hang my hat here once in a while and it’s sometimes sad, but life is change and nothing, short of death, can ever stop that.

Of course, I reserve the right to change again and go back to the old ways, when I start to go stark raving mad from lack of things to do, which should be in about 15 minutes or so... Tongue Out

Y’all be goodInnocent and if you can’t, just don’t tell anybody…Sealed

We have enjoyed your company OL as well as your mods and wealth of knowledge and skill. :slight_smile:

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all of us community members can continue to try to contribute or just hang out, and i pray that the place will stay a fun and fruitful place for many years to come. so when the giveaway activities begin to wane, then we know that it's the beginning of impending d**m :p

Well, im glad you will be around to 2103, because ill be dead long before then. So ill enjoy your mods for years and years to come! :) :party:

I still don't get why you do so many giveaways of lights that have been sent to you. Sure, many were free. But modding aint that cheap when you summarize all the various cheap parts for a bunch of lights. Why don't you start earning a little money on the more simple mods too? That way you can easier do the more extreme stuff. We all know you are not a greedy type, and also. Why not make some sort of auction? Many of your cheaper mods are sold in less than a few hours. Sometimes minutes. That just means, lots of your stuff are under priced!

And if you do make many 100$++++ lights, then there is always a marketplace over at the darkside (Im not checking it), but in order to do the mods you want, it might be better for you to reach a larger audience, an audience who might be less budget minded.

In a life of change and new desires, you have to adapt in order to keep going and doing what you like to do.

Thanks for making this post. It gave me some personal insight too.

The TR-A9 you made is simply awesome. No matter what road you choose. I’ll still be perusing your lights. I just might be saving longer for them.

Here if and when you change your mind, really hope you come back soon though.

2013, are you dyslxeic? It reads 2013… Now it does, LOL.

I do giveaways, just because. I never thought about why, I just like doing them. As far as money, well, money is what it is. I have thought about auctions. That works for some and won't for others. I even asked SB if it was ok by him, so I could do that, you never know.

Glad you found something out of the post.

Hey. Getting the axe (if and when) is not necessarily the end of things good and pleasant. It just seems that way after years of status quo. Look past it with a game plan, or just a chill attitude (sounds like you’re working on it already). Most of the things we worry about never happen. Or as we say here “pics, or it never happened”. :wink:

if you ever make high end lights i might be in the market for one or two - just as long as you give me some notice to liquidate some funds and save up lol.

I get our approach.

I hope you don't go too soon. I'm in utter awe of your skills with only hand tools.

I love reading your posts and I've learned a lot from you.

But stuff happens. I know that far too well from what I do.

All the best to you and thanks for a really fun ride along the way. (And in the local patois, you really, really don't need to read the translation) - I wrote this in US English - not what I speak daily.

I hope you stay around ol, there is demand for your builds, particularly here because they are special to the members here, and there are certainly more than a couple of high dollar members to boot.

Good luck however you decide to roll, you will always have a place here, just don’t be a srranger and dont do anything you don’t want to do.

Old-Lumens ,

We here at the BLF have and will always treasure your keen mind and dogged determination .

It seems that you can figure out a way to do nearly anything with nothing more than some simple tools , the sweat of your brow , and your calloused hands .

We salute you , sir .

You know my thoughts. You are a true champion and will continue to be wherever the future takes you. May the MTG-2 at the end of the tunnel continue to shine brightly well into the future. :beer:

There is a thread with a convoy M1 and the mt-g2, how much would that cost with driver?

That’s what we want for you Justin. Keep us informed, who knows, you might find the high end lucrative…

I have personally enjoyed all that you have contributed here. I like the way your easy going, down to earth and above all straight to the point. I do know what you mean with modding, I think sometimes the same old thing just becomes boring after a while. I use to mod mags quite often and it got to the point where I just wasn’t really interested any more. I use to spend hours out of the day on the lathe making crap. Now I consider a couple of hours a week on the lathe a lot. It just gets old.
I can see how the higher dollar lights with the new king of leds has sparked your interest. It has sparked mine as well.
I would just like to thank you for all you have done and all you have contributed to this forum and its members. You will be missed, that is if you do leave. Wish you the best in your new interest, OL. :slight_smile:

Haven’t been here long enough to enjoy all your great work but love reading your posts. :beer:

Hey OL, I really hope you drop by at east once in a while.

You gave me lots of ideas and advice.

You are surely one of the Golden members here.

I’m not sure if I’ve read most of your posts here. But I did learn some of the ideas you put forward in this forum. Thanks.