The furture looks Brinyte

13 New XML 18650 Lights by Brinyte

Price from $17.38 to $25.18 + shipping

I think I'll go and bug DX about getting that Spear clone with a XM-L now.

I hope you succeed!

Thanks for the link. I see at least two Brinyte XML lights Id like to buy for myself, but shipping was steep on my last purchase from Shenzhen. I've emailed Mr. Tsai (marketing rep), and asked him to reply to this thread to see if better deals can be negotiated to lower the overall cost. I'm sure the situation will also be that the more you buy, the more you will save with consolidated shipping. So lets be patient and see what he might be able to do for us.

It sure is a beauty...


Finally got my KD C8 XM-L T6 yesterday... WOW :)

How would the C8 and C9 reflector depth/width differ for this size die?

When will be available in DX those beauties?

My next XM-L (When DX get around to shipping them) is going in the KD RQ Speak clone. Apparently this works quite well - and the RQ is not at all bad to start with. (XR-E Q5). May need a driver swap though.

those XM-L lights are beautifull! Does anybody know how much the shipping to Europe is.

(I registered at SW but they could not give me the shipping cost before ordering)

I haven't heard back from them and frankly I don't expect to. I used to get a heads-up before a new product went live at least some of the time but that rarely ever happens any more. Now they just pop up.

I have a regular contact there though and I've mentioned in the past that everybody and their mother was jumping on the XM-L bandwagon. I was assured that they were "on it" and I understand they learned some lessons from the chaos that ensued when the first cheap P7 lights came out.

Would pay for the host, reflector (SMO) and pill alone 16usd shipped or a tiny bit more if available somewhere.

Oh, and btw: DX's product request process is hopelessly broken (ie. don't expect a reply ever; plus, due to their business model of acting like a clearing house of sorts, it doesn't exactly work like you'd expect it to... well, let's just say that it doesn't really work, period). Still, it sometimes helps to generate some buzz and it doesn't really take more than a couple of seconds to fill out this form to let them know you want them to stock these lights. Realistically, it's not going to make much of a difference but I guess it can't hurt, right? :)

I have done s-e-v-e-r-a-l-s product request about XML dropins using that form and posting in the "product request" forum. The firt one I did on late november or early december, when first XML dropins and flashlights were available at Kaido.

Also more forum members did the same. What? 2 months and still nothing? only some LED+star and some (only 3) thrower flashlights with XML? very sad DX!

Same happend with the UltraFire U20 and Ultrafire C3 R5 which appeared on manafont and Kaido... lets say August, and after those months an several several requests, NEVER appeared on DX

Very sad DX

With the volume of their business they probably can't be arsed enough for getting some flashlights resulting in possibly "50-100" sales.

only 50-100 sales on XML dropins? XML is the future!

Well, they don't really actively go out and look for new products and/or suppliers in many cases but, generally speaking, flashlights are still a fairly high-volume business for them - at least as far as I can tell. A lot of that merchandise goes into traditional retail channels (which takes shipping out of the equation and cuts down on complaints, so that's good) and I know a few people who sell almost exclusively to the MTB crowd, often at a substantial markup. The enthusiasts market (that's us ;)) is pretty profitable because there really aren't any loss leaders, shipping generally isn't a problem (as opposed to lasers, for instance) and flashlights tend to bring in repeat business (accessories, more flashlights, batteries) and tangential sales (people who are into lights tend to be into other outdoorsy stuff, etc.). In other words, even 100 pieces of a popular item can sort of snowball into a large(r) number of (volume) orders and since there is little or no actual stock, there's also very little risk.

Does anyone have one of these new 5-mode Brinyte XM-L lights yet? I'd like to know if the modes really do go Low-Med-High like it says in the descriptions. I've been looking for a L>M>H light for ages. Partly because I don't like being blinded at turn-on when I don't need a lot of light, and partly so that when I show my friends my new light, I can say "here's low... and here's high..." "ooo wow" they say, and then I say "just kidding, HERE's high..." BOOM

I think someone else was asking about p60 drop-ins that go L>M>H. I haven't seen one of those either, but if these Brinyte lights follow that sequence, then there must be drop-ins or drivers that go L>M>H.

And best would be no memory, so that after turning the light off, it'll start at low again next time.

Well... i often change the driver to p60 dropins with AK-47 available at KD and DX. By soldering the clockwise 2nd star to GND you get L-M-H. Its a 1A linear cree driver circuit. The swap is fairly easy.

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