The glow and dark bling thread

Speechless over the Madness in your Methods

Great lights and great pictures!

:+1: These are just awesome, thank you for sharing. :+1:

Forgive my ignorance, can anyone tell me where i can buy one of these lights loaded with bling?

GITD Bling…

Modded Clean De-Domed 70.2 6v TN42

GITD supply

Some of the newer bling

Made a couple Titanium tail caps “Tritanium”

wow, wow, wow

but wait!
that Red is not glow, way too bright… those are red LEDs that are On, correct?
tell me where to get Red Glow that is that bright :slight_smile:

wiping drool…

They are extremely better in real life, Red is red and you can see the Orange, the Smart Phone camera melds them together.

. The Red/Orange is beautiful in the copper FW3C. Here is a pic of the .3mA vs .5mA for brightness levels…

Just finished the Blue/Green .5mA level

. The other .5mA Red/Orange will be going into the FW3-NovaTac and I’ll have to order a few more for my 6P Triples… :smiley:

amazing board and mod!
average parasitic drain of 52.5uA, probably gives over 2 years of red/orage light on your NovaGlow, 24/7 :wink:


Panda Triples w CRX Glow Rings

Those look amazing, any plan to produce more?

Not a light, but used my light to charge up the glow.

Yes for my Ti/TiCu lights….not for sale……but you can get them from Steve Ku now…

Awesome, thanks.

Those look awesome, pinkpanda! What is the one on the top left that looks like a mirrored tritium effect?


Good guess but not tritium. Modified my 6th O-L comp build

Wow. That’s simply amazing!