The Industrial Art of the Torch

I’ve been looking at a lot of flashlight designs from the 1970’s through modern times. These metal tube lights that are machined. I really feel there is something to the simple designs and the spacing of the knurling.

I look at say a Malkoff Design light and sure the body looks interesting but it is just too complex.

Streamlight has some non conventional ideas that are interesting but not really of a simple design.

I really feel the best design is the simple ones.

I feel these conical heads are even a nice look than say the angles of Mag-Lite.

What is your thoughts on these industrial designs of lights? What aspects do you like of flashlight aesthetics?

I always liked the design of the ’502s.

Simple, clean, looooooved the tailcap and switch.

For P60 hosts, I liked the 504B.

It's a classic.

Hank Wang is quite good at industrial design. I like especially the V2 emisars and the KR* designs. Functional, still non-boring. The KR1 could have been a Colani or Braun design. That was the sole reason I bought one (sans tritium vial, since that would have destroyed the clean design).

I like the design of my Emisar D1S, it’s a weird light, especially when it came out, basically just a compact 18650 tube, side switch and a biggish reflector.

Peak LED solutions lights (eiger, Logan, plus the ‘vintage’ ones from way-back) have a timelessness about them I can’t quite place, they’re functional without being ugly.

The solarforce L2T and the surefire P60 ?centurion lights with the square body have a nice industrial look to them too.

Years after it’s release and I’m still not sure how I feel about the Xeno Cube… I guess you can’t complain about it rolling away on a flat surface!