The Internet of Things

I have created a robot that looks like a severed hand. It has omnidirectional echolocation using the finger tips as microphones. It also has omnidirectional electrolocation which many fish and the electric eel have. It has omnidirectional vision which is a Trilobite innovation. It has computer defined radio, WiFi and bluetooth. I have also given it group behavior based on ants. I hope to mass produce these for every one.

If you make the hand about 20 feet across, and 15 feet high on its fingers, and where it can walk into cities, then I think you would have a big hit.

This. You could even sell it to the Japanese film industry for massive profits.

Is your last name Adams?

Addams, to be precise.

Ooops you’re right :slight_smile:

Abby made one on NCIS season 12 (small normal sized hand version)

I found a robot-hand once. Plus what looked like an advanced computer chip, ’though it was kinda cracked and burned.

Would love to reverse-engineer that one day…

I would buy one of these. I could keep it in my front yard for when my A-Hole neighbors have people over. When they park on my grass I could program the hand to flick them into the street.

What’s the sound of one of these clapping ?

The big bang theory

Regards Xandre

Addams update:

Which part of the photo are you asking about?

“You Rang?”

And speaking of the internet of things…
Samsung want’s me to connect my washing machine to the Web to update it’s software.
Like that’s going to happen. All I need is a server in China deciding how to wash my shorts.
All the Best,

You have the future of us all…

“Demon Seed”.

Author Philip K. Dick was downright prophetic on the IoT. His book Ubik published in 1969 features an apartment with appliances (and a door!) that required payment for continued usage. Think of it like an HOA fee for each appliance :confounded: It’s scary how accurate his predictions were.

That is precisely why these things shouldn’t be online. Also you joke now but this will happen someday.